Jul 2, 2010

Ultimate Draft Bust Strikes Again

C Darko Milicic:

(Minnesota via Serbia) Former #2 overall pick hood winked the T'Wolves into extending his stay in the U.S. with a 4-year $20 million to stay with Minnesota; spent last season with Minnesota and Knicks. 6.7 ppg & 4.7 reb.

What this means: Darko improved when he left the Knicks and improved in Minn. This is a good situation for Darko who is the ultimate NBA Top 5 Pick Bust.

This keeps the former 2nd overall pick in the NBA, Milicic was contemplating returning to Europe because of his lack of success.

At the end of last season Darko was increasing his minutes and began to look productive. In the last 10 games he was closing in on a 15-10 which is an improvement from "The Biggest Draft Bust Ever".

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