Jul 2, 2010

Drew Gooden Steals $32 million from Bucks.

PF Drew Gooden:

(Milwaukee, WI) Journeyman Drew Gooden steals a 5-year $32 million to join Milwaukee Bucks; spent last season with Dallas and L.A. Clippers. 10.9 ppg & 7.7 reb.

What this means: Milwaukee felt like wasting money and went on a crack binge at midnight. There is no way this guy (who has been trade bait his entire career) deserves this type of deal. This is his ninth team and if he can improve his inside game may take some pressure off Andrew Bogut.

He can be a solid bench player in the right system. For his career he has averaged 10.9 ppg and 7.7 assists but his numbers have increasingly dropped in recent years. The Bucks addressed their low post needs with Larry Sanders in the draft and Ersan Ilyasova has become increasingly more productive last season.

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  1. I disagree with this assessment of Gooden's talents and I'd rather rely on those truly in the know rather than bloggers whose main purpose is to cause mayhem.

  2. 7.7 Reb not assists