Jul 2, 2010

Raptors Get Confused, Sign Wrong Johnson

(Toronto, Can.) -- I guess the brass in Toronto spent a little but too much time celebrating Canada Day and in a move of pure stupidity resigned PF Amir Johnson to a five-year $34 million dollar contract.

This move seems to be a desperate positioning by Toronto as they begin to address life without Chris Bosh. This move tells Bosh that they will take anything they can get via sign-and-trade.

Upside for Amir is last season was the first time in his five NBA seasons that he managed to play all 82 games... worth 34 million... I think not.

Johnson is a 6.2 ppg 4.8 reb power forward, I think they are reaching on this one.

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  1. 6.2 PPG and 4.8 reb playing 17 min per game; expectation is that playing time will increase to 25 min....

  2. More of a safety pick if Ed Davis is a bust. Im not saying its a terrible pick but wait till you see what you get in a sign-and-trade.