Jul 3, 2010

Dirk Does Dallas: Nowitzki and Mavs Agree On 4-Year Deal

(Dallas, TX) -- The Dirk Nowitzki free-agent formality is over as he and the Dallas Mavericks have agreed on a four year $80 million dollar deal. We all saw this move coming just as we did with Paul Pierce. This deal will not only secure that Dirk will play his entire career as a Maverick but it will also give him something that would make any player sleep easy at night... a secure no trade clause.

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has never been afraid to spend money, especially when Dirk is involved, and the seven footer reciprocated as he chose to take less money then he could have received in the open market to help the team financially.

Nowitzki could have asked for a max level contract that could have made him around $96 million for four years but with this deal the Mavericks will save enough that a sign-and-trade with a high profile free agent may become a possibility.

The team has only won a single playoff series since their run at a title in 2006 and the selling point for this deal may be to give Dirk the only thing that is holding his career back... an NBA title.

Nowitzki is the franchises all time leading scorer and rebounder and has been consistently one of the most dominant players in the league.

Now that the formalities of Dirk's "free-agency" are settled the next question is who else does Mark Cuban want?

...Joe Johnson anyone

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