Jul 6, 2010

Chris Duhon signs with Magic

(Orlando, FL) - The Orlando Magic have emerged as one of the more confused members during the season signing free-agent Chris Duhon to a four-year $15 million dollar deal.

The sixth year pro has played the last two seasons with the Knicks and was drafted by the Chicago Bulls in the second round of the 2004 draft.

Duhon has averaged 7.4 ppg and 5.6 assists a game. Duhon will most likely share time at point guard with Jameer Nelson and could fill in as a substitute if J.J. Reddick does not return to the team.

Because of the low cost of the deal this is a smart move for the Magic (kinda) who are one of the strongest three point shooting teams in the league. Duhon will add some experience off the bench and could start if the team goes with a small lineup.

Duhon is an interesting pickup for any team as he is an appealing name as he was a star at Duke but has never lived up to his potential in the NBA.

He can be a solid backup in the league and because of the recent success of the Magic that is where he will reside... on the bench.

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