Jul 11, 2010

Bird Caged: Vick ordered to stay in P.A.

(Philadelphia, PA) —Michael Vick has been ordered by a state probation court that he is forbidden to cross state lines while the investigation into his birthday party shooting is in progress.

This is nothing new for the Eagles quarterback, as he has been on restricted parole ever since he was released from prison in 2009 after serving time for dog fighting.

Vick has to have all of his travel plans approved by the court, and the travel restriction could affect him financially. He was scheduled to appear at a football camp in North Carolina on Monday for a group of almost 500 teenagers.

Vick was scheduled to host a football camp, and advertised the event with the promise of his appearance. He paid a total of $6,000 to host the camp, and campers were charged $175 each for the three-day camp, with the promise of a meet and greet and photos with Vick at the conclusion of the camp.

The camp is still scheduled to go on as planned.

The restriction for Vick could get more severe as the investigation into the birthday shooting of Quanis Phillips, a co-defendant in his dog fighting case, progresses. Vick is not a suspect in the incident at this time, but it has been reported that he and Phillips were involved in a verbal confrontation just minutes before the shooting.

The Eagles begin training camp on July 29th at Lehigh University.

Sources from ESPN.com were cited in this story.

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