Jul 8, 2010

Allen Re-Signs With Celtics

(Boston, MA) -- The Boston Celtics reassured the prolonged services of the big three as Ray Allen signed a two-year $20 million extension. This is the second member of the "Big Three" that the Celtics have resigned as they previous agreed to a four year deal.

In a summer of intense moves and ever evolving conspiracy the Celtics decided to stick with that is working in resigning Allen and Pierce. The deal is structured so that the Celtics can make one more run at an NBA title as the second year of Allen's contract is non guaranteed and has a player option.

The Celtics still have some other moves to make as the impending retirement of Rasheed Wallace is still unknown. There have been rumors the Celtics are pursing the services of Kwame Brown and former Miami Heat center Jermaine O'Neal.

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