Mar 26, 2010

We Can Only Hope

Sixers and Nets in play tonight. Nets are one win away from tying the record for the worst season ever and the Sixers are set to face off against the Atlanta Hawks at the Wac Center. For the fans that are still paying attention to Philly basketball you know that the only thing the Sixers have to look forward to is failure.

Just like the Phillies and the 10,000 losses the Sixers can get their biggest embarrassment behind them if the Nets can some how tank the remainder of their games. Our team has no hope and right now even though there is no competition we need to be rooting for N.J. to fail like they are the Mets.

The only way tonight can end well is if the tri-state area fails. Fingers crossed.

*Sidenote: Jason Kapono starts again for the Sixers and Eddie Jordan decides Speights is a better fit over Dalembert for the Center start. I hope Josh Smith kills him for 48 minutes...Seriously this guys is *special* (pc plug).


Mar 25, 2010

Today we create a more perfect UNION... MAYBE NOT.

The Philadelphia Union lose opener to Seattle Sounders FC 2-0

In the first match for the MLS newest franchise, the Philadelphia Union feel to the Seattle Sounders 2-0. It was a high impact game but it seemed to have a lot of yellow cards and stoppage due to the slick conditions at Qwest Field in Seattle.

The game saw Philly get 6 yellow cards because of poor tackling and even midfielder Stahl got a double yellow and was ejected from the game, not the ideal situation for a teams first game, playing a man down. Overall it was an entertaining game. I just hope most of Philly gives them a chance because chances are they wont win much this season. Next up for the Son's Of Ben's boys is the home opener against the D.C. United on April 10th at the Linc.

I’m looking over a four-leaf clover
That I overlooked before.
One leaf is sunshine, the second is rain,
Third is the roses that grow in the lane.
No need explaining, the one remaining
Is someone that I adore.
I’m looking over a four-leaf clover
That I overlooked before
(sung twice) 
Stickin’ to The Union
Oh you can’t scare me I’m stickin’ to the Union
I’m stickin’ to the Union
I’m stickin’ to the Union
Oh you can’t scare me I’m stickin’ to the Union
I’m stickin’ to the Union
‘Til the day I die


No tape in the Champagne Room...

The on going investigation evolving around Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger hit a bump today as several reports of the March 5th incident have come to light. is reporting that the entrance to the VIP room where the two time Superbowl winner allegedly sexual assaulted a 20 year old was guarded by a bodyguard at the time of the alleged incident.

It also stated in the report that the bathroom that was located in a back room of the VIP section of the nightclub was also guarded by a friend of Roethlisberger's at the time of the incident. 

When interviewed by ESPN the bouncer on duty at the Capitol City Nightclub stated that is was common for a guard to protect the bathrooms and that he didn't see anything "out of the ordinary" about the night.

Later in the article the bouncer, Rocky Duncan, had this to say about the time of the alleged incident...

Roethlisberger was standing and talking with what appeared to be a woman sitting on a stool a few feet from the bathroom door, which was separated from the stage room by a 4-foot divider. Roethlisberger's frame blocked Duncan from seeing the woman. But Duncan added he had never seen the accuser and did not know what she looked like. Duncan said a member of Roethlisberger's entourage, whom he called "the ringleader," was sitting on a stool about a foot away from the door that led to the area where Roethlisberger and the woman had been talking.

Another twist in the case came today when it was announced the security camera footage of the night was some how erased before police had the chance to acquire it for evidence. Owners of the nightclub state that they were attempting to make a copy for police when they encountered a malfunction and somehow the records were erased.

There has been little support or comment made from team officials or the Rooney family about the issue. In an ESPN interview head coach Mike Tomlin stated that he was not frustrated about the fact that Ben has been absent from off season workouts and he expects Ben to be present when mandatory OTA start in a few weeks.

Right now both sides are gathering evidence for the preliminary hearing but they expect the case to possibly go to trial sometime this summer. This is not the second time Roethlisberger has been accused of sexual assault. In 2009 a hotel clerk at the Lake Tahoe Harrahs Hotel accused Ben of rape and is attempting to sue for over $450,000 in damages from the QB. The case is still pending.

(on a side note: this guy is disgusting, yes I know the girl was only 20 and the case will most likely be thrown out because she was a drunk minor in a club but what the hell is this guy doing in a nightclub in a college town, I hope he gets a rape charge this is the second time he has been accused and he needs to be put in his place).


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Mar 24, 2010

What's up Doc... Gooden Arrested in NJ

The comedy and hilarity that is the lives of Dwight Gooden and Darrly Strawberry has hit another bump today as former Met Dwight Gooden was arrested in upstate New Jersey for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs.

This is not the first time Gooden has been in trouble with the law. In 2002 he was arrested outside of Tampa FL for driving while intoxicated and an open container. This story is similar accept for the other plethora of charges facing Doc K. Gooden was not only high as a kite when he was arrested but he also had a child in the car that is not one of his children when pulled over at 8:33 am yesterday.

Gooden is also being charged with leaving the scene of an accident. It has yet to be announced if Gooden caused the wreck or if he was hit but by the look of the other charges I am going to bet the accident was his fault.

All of this is also a violation of his ongoing probation from his jail time he served in 2006. That stint in jail came from another parole violation coming from an intoxicated meeting Gooden has with his parole officer.

This story is even funnier because of the nature of Gooden's past. We first saw all of these coming in 1987 when Gooden was arrested after fighting with police outside of a bar in Tampa Fl. He was sent to rehab and kept out of the Mets lineup for over three months. After coming back he managed to win a whopping 13 games for the Mets.

Now when it comes to Mr. Strawberry I can't be overly critical because I feel bad for a lot of the things that have happened to him. The reformed former addict and cancer survivor is now a born again Christian who is making his runs on the religious circuit talking about with the help of god he is trying to put his life back together...

Strawberry is now on his third wife. fourth kidney and third probation term. Gotta love NYC.

This is an interview Strawberry did with The 700 Club last September.

Another reason why N.Y. Sucks they cant even keep their crackheads in check...


NFL Roundup

Now for those of you who know me you are aware that I am not the biggest football fan. In saying this I still think it is necessary to try and address some of the rumors and moves (or potential moves) made in Philadelphia football as well as some things done in the NFL today that would have a lasting affect on the Eagles.

McNabb Trade Rumors: 

Just as I had stated the other day the onslaught of trade rumors involving Donovan McNabb does not seem like it will end anytime soon. Today Sal Pal announced on 97.5 the fanatic that more teams are talking to the Eagles about the services of #5. Like I had stated as these rumors began the Seahawks, Rams, Raiders and Bills are all looking into McNabb and each does make a lot of logical sense for a team like the Eagles. These stories have been confirmed by Chris Robinson of Yahoo Sports who is one of the top insiders for both the Seahawks and the Raiders.

The thing that does help many of these rumors is the fact that the Eagles are finally admitting that they are shopping McNabb, or as Reid calls it "looking into our options". Basically the team is finding the best deal and hopes to make it happen before the draft. Also it has been reported the Eagles have lowered their asking price for McNabb to a second round or a compilation of later round draft picks.

If anything is to happen I expect it to happen soon.

NFL Makes Rule Changes:

Today at the off season coaches meeting the NFL has changed their overtime rules for playoff games. This will not affect regular season games but the rule change has to do with overtime periods and scoring. After the coin toss it has been common place for a team to get into field goal range and win a game with said field goal (Patriots Super Bowl Wins). With the new rule change the only way a game can end on the first possessions of the coin flip is if the team scores a touchdown on the series. If they go for the traditional field goal and make it the other team has one chance to do the same without losing the game.

This is something that the NFL has needed for a while and should make playoff games more interesting and cause teams to go for more chances in the extra period.

So there it is guys that is the only NFL news that has sunk in today. Ill add more as the day goes along but that is pretty much all I got.


This Day In Sports: Lady Macs win second AIAW title

1973 - Immaculata beats Queens College, 59-52 to win AIAW Basketball title

There was a time, not to long ago, when the NCAA did not recognize women. There were hundreds of women's athletic programs that could not compete nationally with the likes of the boys. At a time where the NCAA was battling with the AIAW over the fact that not only did womens sports deserve to be marketed and shown to a national auidence but that it deserved equal respect on the national level.

We think of UConn and Tennessee as the biggest dominant programs in womens sports, but before Pat Summit and Geno took the spotlight it was the small all girls teaching school from Southeast PA that was the juggernaut. When the Immaculata Mighty Macs were the big dogs and practically ruled the AIAW with a iron fist. After the Macs defeated Queens College for the 1973 title the team had clinched their second of three straight womens national basketball titles.

 This is monumental in womens sports because this was only the second official womens national championship played with the traditional rules of  basketball. Before 1972, when the Mocs won their first title, womens basketball was restricted to half court play, and players were held to a fundamentally flawed three dribble rule.

With the growth of the sport and things such as the WNBA or 73 game winning streaks the sports has evolved heavily.

The Mocs were leaders in the fight for equality for womens athletics and led that charge for the sport of womens basketball we know today. So when you see the highlights of this years tournament remember that it was the small school for Southeast PA that led the charge.

The story of the Might Macs is set to become a full length feature film. Check it out here


Mar 22, 2010

Love representing Philly in March Madness

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With Villanova and Temple making quicker then expected exits from this years tournament many Philadelphians have lost most of their interest in March Madness. Little do they know that Philadelphia is still be represented in  HUGE way.

Jason Love, the 6-9 forward from Xavier, is that reason. Love is a Philadelphia native and an 2006 Abington Friends graduate. The three year starter for the Musketeers is one of the most productive players for the upstart #6 seed.

In the teams most recent win against #3 seed Pitt, Love finished with 14 points and eight rebounds and also had a team high two blocks that helped keep the tempo for XU.

So for all you Philly fans out there, don't fret there is still another reason to root for the city of brotherly love.

Next up for Love and the Musketeers in one of their toughest meetings yet as they will face #2 ranked Kansas St. Xavier will attempt to make the Elite Eight for the first time since 2008.

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For all the March Madness updates stay tuned to Examiner Sports special MARCH MADNESS section.


Mar 17, 2010

McNabb headed to Seattle?

Now I know as fans that we hear trade rumors right and left this time of year and most of the time we let them go without any thought but this one I feel could happen and makes sense for all parties involved.

Three Team Trade: Eagles, Saints & Seahawks

Saints trade: to Seattle Reggie Bush # 32 Pick (1st round)

Seahawks trade: to Saints 6th Pick (1st round)

Eagles trade: McNabb to Seattle and get 32nd pick overall from Seattle (formally Saints)

This is a deal that makes sense and could get the Birds the first round pick they are looking for... Only time will tell but I think this one has some weight to it.


Kalas Grave "Party" Causing Uproar

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The planned exhibit and commemoration party to celebrate the life of Phillies broadcaster Harry Kalas has caught controversy today as fans and media professional break the news of the "party" surrounding the upcoming exhibit.

The story, originally released by, announced the the Laurel Hill Cemetery, where Kalas is buried, was to open a Harry Kalas Memorial featuring many of his personal items including his white loafers and signature blue sports coat. The exhibit, still planned to open on April 11th, is also holding a fan party where Kalas devotes can pay $40 to experience the exhibit and also partake in an after party that includes food, alcoholic beverages and a big outdoor screen to watch the Phillies face the Houston Astros, the team Kalas worked for before coming to Philadelphia.

The story hit opposition this afternoon as it was announced that Randy Miller, the author of the Kalas expose Harry the K, was to hold a book signing at the event. Miller, the Phillies beat writer for the Bucks County Courier Post, adamantly denied this in an interview with 97.5 the fanatic this afternoon. Miller stated that Laurel Hill promoted the event without his consent and he had no plans on attending the event.

The story took a huge twist when upon contacting the cemetery, representatives presented evidence that Miller had agreed to attend and that his accusations about wrong doing on the side of the cemetery were "misleading".

This event, other then coming off distasteful is also bringing increased attention to Millers book.The book, which is soon to be released, has many behind the scenes stories previously not known to the public such as Kalas' opinions on fellow broadcasters Chris Wheeler and Gary Matthews as well as supposed affairs Kalas had during his career.

Miller's Response 
Audio from Laurel Hill Rep.

This story is bringing a huge divide on the side of Phillies fans and wants to know your opinions. Do you feel this "celebration" is acceptable and how do you feel about Miller's upcoming book...

Leave your comments and as always feel free to email me


Mar 15, 2010

Sixers lose AGAIN...

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Despite leading for most of the game the Philadelphia 76ers fell to the New York Knicks 94-84 tonight at the Wachovia Center. The teams who rank at the cellar of the Atlantic Division (sans Nets) played a 48 minute game of hot potato with neither team playing with the intensity that makes for useful basketball.

The Knicks were led by Danilo Gallinari who ended the game with a game high 21 points on 53% shooting. The Knicks (24-43) played sub-par in the first half but a quick start in the third allowed them to clinch the win.

For the Sixers (23-44) were led by rookie point guard Jrue Holiday. Holiday ended with a team high 18 points and has been the only glimmer or improvement for the team. Jrue is averaging over 10 point in four of the teams last five games and has upped his minutes as of late averaging 37.2 a game.

The Sixers played another sub par game and just as always their offensive scheme seems to be misunderstood. The night after dropping 25 points on the Heat Jason Kapono saw substantial minutes for the Sixers. Kapono finished with 8 points on 3-9 from the field and despite the team trailing by 3-5 points for most of the fourth period Kapono only saw just under 3 minutes in the final stanza.

For those of you that did not watch the game you didn't miss much accept the fact that they tried to convince that T.V. audience that they had over 13,000 people in the arena.

Don't worry fans only 16 games left.

Next up for the Sixers is a visit from the 7-59 New Jersey Nets. The Nets are on pace to beat the 1972-73 Sixers 9-73 record for worst all-time in NBA history.

Game Notes: Both Andre Iguodala and Samuel Dalembert finished with double-doubles, Andre with 14pts and 17reb and Dalembert with 11pts and 18 reb... This is the Sixers fifth loss in a row and 12th of their last 15... Knicks lead season series 1-2...

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Mar 11, 2010

Our Prayers Could Soon Be Answered

Now I know I am one of like four people that still pay attention to the Sixers but just in case you haven't heard their are multiple reports announcing that Sixers coach Eddie Jordan will be fired either before the end of the season or shortly after the ship that is the 2009-10 Sixers season will end.

The team is playing as if they aren't even paying attention to Jordan and it is become obvious that none of the players care anymore. The only thing I have to say is... Its about time. Now the only thing to deal with is that the Sixers still owe Jordan $6 million. For that maybe they should fire Stefanski as well.... Ill take my blessings one at a time.

On a side note Screamin A shelled out another useless article explaining to the city that this move needs to be made. Stephen I know your still getting over the shock of your show being canceled. But do us all a favor go back into politics you can look even smarter knowing  even less.


Mar 10, 2010

Temple Left As Only Philly Team In A-10 Tourney

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With the annual Atlantic 10 Men's Basketball tournament commencing this weekend at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City there is only one team left representing Philadelphia, reigning champions the Owls of Temple University. The Owls are sitting with the #1 seen in the tourney and with that had a bye in the first round.

Temple is having a stellar season and is currently the #17 team in the nation according to the AP Top 25. With all this attention being paid to Temple it was easy to lose track of the stories from the other Philly A-10 teams. The Hawks of St. Josephs exited in the first round of the tournament last night as they fell to Rhode Island 87-76 and a lackluster campaign for the La Salle Explorers kept them from postseason play.

The Hawks have been going through a bit of a tough rebuilding process since their back to back title in 2005 and 06. The magical teams of Jameer Nelson and Delonte West are no more for the Hawks that struggled throughout this season.

The Hawks exited early in the first round of the tourney to the Rams of Rhode Island and even with the 11 point loss played like a team without balance. The 2009-10 version of the Hawks suffered from lackluster offensive production as they only had three players averaging more then 10 points a game.
The leader for St. Josephs was guard Darrin Govens. The Chester native was a two time Big 5 player of the week and consistently averaged over 10 points a game.

St. Josephs ranked second to last in the A-10 this season and need to spend the off season balancing out a group of young talent that could help them rebound next season.

Every few years a team has a season that they hope to soon forget. Just as North Carolina and UConn are having one of those season, so did the Explorers. La Salle ended their season losing nine of their final 10 games and failed to have a defining win for their season. They ended the season at the bottom of the Atlantic 10 and averaged a sub par 70.1 points a game.

The team did have a high point with the play of senior guard Rodney Green. The Prep Charter grad not only averaged over 18 points and five rebounds a game (third the in the A-10) but he was named First Team All Atlantic 10 by The Sporting News.

"Rodney has always been an explosive athlete but he has become a truly outstanding player by improving his shooting, decision making and defense. He is one of the biggest and best point guards not only in the A-10 but nationally." - Head Coach Dr. John Giannini

The Explorers failed to make the tourney and will hopefully spend the off season trying to fill the holes facing the team with the losses of Green and forward Kimmani Barrett. Barrett averaged over 13 points a game.

This is surely a season to remember for Fran Dunphy's Owls. Not only is the team looking to claim their third straight Atlantic 10 title but they have guaranteed themselves a bid in the NCAA tournament with the #17 national ranking.

With season defining wins over cross town rival Villanova and convincing wins over both Seton Hall and Virginia Tech the Owls have shown the nation that they could be one of the surprise teams in the NCAA tournament. Based on bracketologist Joe Lunardi the Owls currently sit with a 5 seed.

Temple is led by a duo of upperclassmen in senior Ryan Brooks and junior Lavoy Allen. Both local products (Brooks, Lower Merion; Allen, Pennsbury) are averaging over 10 points a game and Allen is averaging a double-double with 11 points and over 10 boards.

The duo is being helped by sophomore Juan Fernandez. The 6-4 Argentinian sophomore is averaging 12.2 points and leads the team with 105 assists a game.

With the play from this trio and a strong supporting cast of bench players Temple could make a deep run. After clinching the #1 seed and getting the first round bye the Owls will begin their Atlantic-10 tournament play Friday at noon as they take on the Bonnies of St. Bonaventure. In their last meeting Temple dominated the Bonnies 75-55 on February 17th.

Xavier forward and Abington native Jason Love is averaging 11 points and eight boards for the Musketeers. Xavier has the #2 seen the the tournament and will face Dayton on Friday at 6:30 p.m...

More Resources:

For the most update and current Atlantic 10 tournament news stay posted to and our upcoming March Madness page for the latest on the 2010 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship.

Mar 8, 2010

Youtube Video Of The Week

So while perusing Youtube today I found this awesome collaboration video of Len Bias highlights mixed with Runnin'. Awesome video props go out to KnowOne for creating this. Without Bias is hands down the saddest 30 for 30 film yet.


Mar 6, 2010

This Week In History: Big Dipper Drops A C-Note

I know its a few days late but March 2nd was the 48 year anniversary of Wilt's 100 point night. I found this video of the original last 3:00 audio of the game. Once again proves that Wilt is the all time king.


Mar 5, 2010

NFL- Free Agency

So even though I am not a huge Eagles fan I figure its my job to keep you updated with the most recent Eagles news. This morning the Eagles cut mid-season acquisition Will Witherspoon also the team has resigned full-back Leonard Weaver. Both of these moves are not a huge shock. Witherspoon was acquired because of the loss of Stewart Bradley.

On other free agent news the gem of the season Julius Peppers, who at times seemed as if he was headed to the Eagles signed a six year deal with the Chicago Bears. It looks like the move was mostly money related but it was reported that the Iggles made a formal offer to the pro-bowl d tackle. This move may be to show the fans that they went after Peppers but it seems as if the team is most focused on making a run on Aarron Kampman.

Also it was stated on 97.5 the Fanatic that team president Joe Banner and general manager Howie Roseman are in the process of trying to trade quarterback Donovan McNabb but are being held up by head coach Andy Reid. It is too early to say what will happen but it has been made clear that the team is not opposed to keeping McNabb Michael Vick as well as third year rookie Kevin Kobb.

That's all I got for now but as soon as I hear more Ill let you know.

Also for you Flyers fans out there I am working on getting a contributiing writer for hockey stores to stay tuned for some hockey in the next few weeks.

More Trouble For Iverson

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Former Sixer and media darling Allen Iverson was back in the news today as word that his wife Tawanna has applied for a divorce from the nine time all-star. The article, written by Inquirer columnist Stephen A. Smith, also cited that Iverson may be suffering from an ongoing alcohol problem.

The article states that two un-named NBA sources claim that Iverson may be suffering from ongoing depression and a dependence on alcohol. This is all after reports that Allen has been seen at nightclubs and bars in recent days since his release from the Sixers.

Iverson, who joined the Sixers before the all-star break has been released from the team due to alleged medical issues with his four year old daughter Messiah. The news comes at a bad time for the 34 year old point guard. Iverson's return to the Sixers was less then expected as he averaged 13.4 points in 25 games for Philadelphia.

In the article Smith states that on the same day that Iverson was relieved of his duties by team president Ed Stefanksi his wife of eight years Tawanna filed for a divorce in a Georgia court room. When it was asked for a reason for the divorce Tawanna claimed that the marriage was "irretrievably broken,".

Iverson has been with Tawanna since high school and he has, in the past, called Taawanna as someone who has always been there with him thought his early troubles before college, including the altercation that almost kept Allen from attending Georgetown. The story of the event is set to become an ESPN 30-for-30 film.

At this time nothing more is known about Iversons divorce hearing other then that his wife has filed for full custody of the couples four children. This is not the first time that issues with Iverson and alcohol abuse have been concerned. Upon his trade to Denver in 2007 Iverson was officially banned from two Denver casinos from alleged drunken altercations.

In team news the Sixers are back in action as they face the Boston Celtics.

For more information of the Sixers and all Philadelphia sports headlines keep tuned to Examiner Sports or keep posted with my blog Eternal Mulligan for the latest and most current headline stories.


Mar 2, 2010

Sixers: How to fix a sinking ship

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Since the All-Star break the Philadelphia 76ers are 2-7, the team lacks chemistry and on top of that there were more Orlando Magic jerseys in the Wachovia center last night then Sixers.

This would be a cause for concern if the team in question was in a place for a playoff run. Free agency has come and gone with little to no effect. The one move the team made was to bring Jodie Meeks to the Sixers. The rookie guard has played a total of three minutes for the team that was supposedly making a move to get a shooter. The other part of the deal, Francisco Elson, is now out for the rest of the season after having hernia surgery...

The Sixers made it public that the team was not in peril as team president Ed Stefanski told the media the team was not in a position to sell assets to start over be because he felt the team was "one step away from improvement".

Last nights 105-126 loss to the Magic was just another feather in the cap of a franchise that is sinking faster then the Titanic. It was a career night for rookie Jrue Holiday but other then that the team looked tired, confused and when it came to the post game press conference head coach Eddie Jordan threw the entire team under the proverbial bus saying the team lacks cohesion and leadership...

To add to the agony of the 2009-10 campaign it was announced today that the AI 2 experiment is officially over as Iverson has been dismissed by the team for the rest of the season. And honestly do you blame him?

You would think that with all of these lackluster moments either the head coach or general manager would be fired. This would only seem logical. Yet no word has come from team president Ed Snyder and all we have heard has been how he fully supports the team and has full confidence in Steafanski.
Don't worry fans 23 games left then it will all be over. The only issue is with all of these holes in the ship of the Philadelphia 76ers would it be better to plug them or let the ship sink. Maybe for once they should listen to the fans and let is fall. When something is not working you don't keep adding to it. To take a step back and start again.

The sad news is... With our three favorite Ed's in charge don't expect change to come.