Mar 11, 2010

Our Prayers Could Soon Be Answered

Now I know I am one of like four people that still pay attention to the Sixers but just in case you haven't heard their are multiple reports announcing that Sixers coach Eddie Jordan will be fired either before the end of the season or shortly after the ship that is the 2009-10 Sixers season will end.

The team is playing as if they aren't even paying attention to Jordan and it is become obvious that none of the players care anymore. The only thing I have to say is... Its about time. Now the only thing to deal with is that the Sixers still owe Jordan $6 million. For that maybe they should fire Stefanski as well.... Ill take my blessings one at a time.

On a side note Screamin A shelled out another useless article explaining to the city that this move needs to be made. Stephen I know your still getting over the shock of your show being canceled. But do us all a favor go back into politics you can look even smarter knowing  even less.


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