Mar 17, 2010

Kalas Grave "Party" Causing Uproar

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The planned exhibit and commemoration party to celebrate the life of Phillies broadcaster Harry Kalas has caught controversy today as fans and media professional break the news of the "party" surrounding the upcoming exhibit.

The story, originally released by, announced the the Laurel Hill Cemetery, where Kalas is buried, was to open a Harry Kalas Memorial featuring many of his personal items including his white loafers and signature blue sports coat. The exhibit, still planned to open on April 11th, is also holding a fan party where Kalas devotes can pay $40 to experience the exhibit and also partake in an after party that includes food, alcoholic beverages and a big outdoor screen to watch the Phillies face the Houston Astros, the team Kalas worked for before coming to Philadelphia.

The story hit opposition this afternoon as it was announced that Randy Miller, the author of the Kalas expose Harry the K, was to hold a book signing at the event. Miller, the Phillies beat writer for the Bucks County Courier Post, adamantly denied this in an interview with 97.5 the fanatic this afternoon. Miller stated that Laurel Hill promoted the event without his consent and he had no plans on attending the event.

The story took a huge twist when upon contacting the cemetery, representatives presented evidence that Miller had agreed to attend and that his accusations about wrong doing on the side of the cemetery were "misleading".

This event, other then coming off distasteful is also bringing increased attention to Millers book.The book, which is soon to be released, has many behind the scenes stories previously not known to the public such as Kalas' opinions on fellow broadcasters Chris Wheeler and Gary Matthews as well as supposed affairs Kalas had during his career.

Miller's Response 
Audio from Laurel Hill Rep.

This story is bringing a huge divide on the side of Phillies fans and wants to know your opinions. Do you feel this "celebration" is acceptable and how do you feel about Miller's upcoming book...

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