Mar 2, 2010

Sixers: How to fix a sinking ship

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Since the All-Star break the Philadelphia 76ers are 2-7, the team lacks chemistry and on top of that there were more Orlando Magic jerseys in the Wachovia center last night then Sixers.

This would be a cause for concern if the team in question was in a place for a playoff run. Free agency has come and gone with little to no effect. The one move the team made was to bring Jodie Meeks to the Sixers. The rookie guard has played a total of three minutes for the team that was supposedly making a move to get a shooter. The other part of the deal, Francisco Elson, is now out for the rest of the season after having hernia surgery...

The Sixers made it public that the team was not in peril as team president Ed Stefanski told the media the team was not in a position to sell assets to start over be because he felt the team was "one step away from improvement".

Last nights 105-126 loss to the Magic was just another feather in the cap of a franchise that is sinking faster then the Titanic. It was a career night for rookie Jrue Holiday but other then that the team looked tired, confused and when it came to the post game press conference head coach Eddie Jordan threw the entire team under the proverbial bus saying the team lacks cohesion and leadership...

To add to the agony of the 2009-10 campaign it was announced today that the AI 2 experiment is officially over as Iverson has been dismissed by the team for the rest of the season. And honestly do you blame him?

You would think that with all of these lackluster moments either the head coach or general manager would be fired. This would only seem logical. Yet no word has come from team president Ed Snyder and all we have heard has been how he fully supports the team and has full confidence in Steafanski.
Don't worry fans 23 games left then it will all be over. The only issue is with all of these holes in the ship of the Philadelphia 76ers would it be better to plug them or let the ship sink. Maybe for once they should listen to the fans and let is fall. When something is not working you don't keep adding to it. To take a step back and start again.

The sad news is... With our three favorite Ed's in charge don't expect change to come.


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