Mar 24, 2010

NFL Roundup

Now for those of you who know me you are aware that I am not the biggest football fan. In saying this I still think it is necessary to try and address some of the rumors and moves (or potential moves) made in Philadelphia football as well as some things done in the NFL today that would have a lasting affect on the Eagles.

McNabb Trade Rumors: 

Just as I had stated the other day the onslaught of trade rumors involving Donovan McNabb does not seem like it will end anytime soon. Today Sal Pal announced on 97.5 the fanatic that more teams are talking to the Eagles about the services of #5. Like I had stated as these rumors began the Seahawks, Rams, Raiders and Bills are all looking into McNabb and each does make a lot of logical sense for a team like the Eagles. These stories have been confirmed by Chris Robinson of Yahoo Sports who is one of the top insiders for both the Seahawks and the Raiders.

The thing that does help many of these rumors is the fact that the Eagles are finally admitting that they are shopping McNabb, or as Reid calls it "looking into our options". Basically the team is finding the best deal and hopes to make it happen before the draft. Also it has been reported the Eagles have lowered their asking price for McNabb to a second round or a compilation of later round draft picks.

If anything is to happen I expect it to happen soon.

NFL Makes Rule Changes:

Today at the off season coaches meeting the NFL has changed their overtime rules for playoff games. This will not affect regular season games but the rule change has to do with overtime periods and scoring. After the coin toss it has been common place for a team to get into field goal range and win a game with said field goal (Patriots Super Bowl Wins). With the new rule change the only way a game can end on the first possessions of the coin flip is if the team scores a touchdown on the series. If they go for the traditional field goal and make it the other team has one chance to do the same without losing the game.

This is something that the NFL has needed for a while and should make playoff games more interesting and cause teams to go for more chances in the extra period.

So there it is guys that is the only NFL news that has sunk in today. Ill add more as the day goes along but that is pretty much all I got.


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