Mar 24, 2010

What's up Doc... Gooden Arrested in NJ

The comedy and hilarity that is the lives of Dwight Gooden and Darrly Strawberry has hit another bump today as former Met Dwight Gooden was arrested in upstate New Jersey for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs.

This is not the first time Gooden has been in trouble with the law. In 2002 he was arrested outside of Tampa FL for driving while intoxicated and an open container. This story is similar accept for the other plethora of charges facing Doc K. Gooden was not only high as a kite when he was arrested but he also had a child in the car that is not one of his children when pulled over at 8:33 am yesterday.

Gooden is also being charged with leaving the scene of an accident. It has yet to be announced if Gooden caused the wreck or if he was hit but by the look of the other charges I am going to bet the accident was his fault.

All of this is also a violation of his ongoing probation from his jail time he served in 2006. That stint in jail came from another parole violation coming from an intoxicated meeting Gooden has with his parole officer.

This story is even funnier because of the nature of Gooden's past. We first saw all of these coming in 1987 when Gooden was arrested after fighting with police outside of a bar in Tampa Fl. He was sent to rehab and kept out of the Mets lineup for over three months. After coming back he managed to win a whopping 13 games for the Mets.

Now when it comes to Mr. Strawberry I can't be overly critical because I feel bad for a lot of the things that have happened to him. The reformed former addict and cancer survivor is now a born again Christian who is making his runs on the religious circuit talking about with the help of god he is trying to put his life back together...

Strawberry is now on his third wife. fourth kidney and third probation term. Gotta love NYC.

This is an interview Strawberry did with The 700 Club last September.

Another reason why N.Y. Sucks they cant even keep their crackheads in check...


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