Nov 26, 2009


Ok so like most Sixers fans (all 10 of us) I was a bit skeptical when the team hired Eddie Jordan in the offseason as the teams new coach. Eddie came into Philadelphia with his highly regarded (atleast thats what he said) Princeton Offense. Now for those of you that dont really pay attention to the x's and o's of basketball I will give you a run down of what the Princeton Offense is.

Its alot like the 8 second offense in affect in Phoenix. The P.O (as I will refer to it) consists of various cuts and quick screens with a minimum of 5 passes before a shot is taken. The offense is designed for a college style team with strong guard play and upper level three-point shooting. Its very fast paced and causes miss matches and isolations. The P.O. is meant to confuse offenses and create a high scoring team.

When asked about how the system works Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas had this to say "Its a thinking mans offense, it has a lot of cuts and moves and if you dont have players with high basketball IQ's the system wont necessarilly work" Arenas knows this because Jordan ran the Wizards into the ground with this system last season.

Now the P.O. does have a little bit of a downfall, which is what I am going to call the Princeton Offense Syndrome or P.O.S. The P.O.S. happens because when the offense is give to a team that dosent have strong guard play and anything other then top notch outside shooting it lacks the effenctiveness needed to make it successful, and this is where the Sixers come into play.

The team is suffereing from alot of P.O.S. This is a team that was supposed to be rebuilding for the future with strong low post play and stronger forwards that can bump and pressure along the boards to compete with the rest of the Eastern Conference. The team has come out sluggish and seems confused because with a 24 second shot clock they cant necesarilly get off the 5 passes needed to make the offense happen.

In the off season the team picked up Jason Kapono, who in his career has been a very prolifant outside shooter. That is a good step forward for the team but they are still 4 players short of whats needed to make this thing work.

The P.O.S. is running rampant because other then Kapono and a developing Lou Williams, who is now sidelined with a fractured jaw, the team does not have established outside shooting and the key to the offense (the point guard) is being shuffled between Williams, and a rookie guard with only one season of college experience in Jrue Holiday.

The next problem they are suffering from is that the team has two terriblly slow inside players (Samuel Dalember & Elton Brand). These guys have P.O.S. written all over them. They cant seem to get the cuts and passes down and both work better (If at all) when the offense slows down and they have time to think (trust me this takes a bit).

Basically the Sixers problem is this... Eddie Jordan isnt the best coach in the world and when he came to Philly he brought a system that dosent fit the team he was given. Not to mention but he dosent have the money to make it work seeing as the Sixers owe WAY WAY too much money to certain players (P.O.S. afflicted Elton Brand and Samuel Dalembert).

If the Sixers have any chance of salvaging their season they need to get rid of the P.O.S and get back to an offense that works for them. You know the kind of offense that WINS GAMES.....

Be patient fans this is not the tip of the sword its just a small prick in the bleeding that will be the 2009-10 Philadelphia 76ers.

Happy Holidays Everyone.


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The Final Answer

After a brief yet mildly entertaining stint with the Memphis Grizzlies Allen Iverson has called it a career. Retiring after 13 years in the NBA. Iverson was a 10 year Sixer and a 10-time All-Star as well as a four-time regular season scoring leader.

Iverson Announced his retirement via long time confidant Stephen A. Smith.

"I have enjoyed 13 wonderful seasons in the NBA, and I am grateful. I want to first acknowledge my fans everywhere, who have been with me throughout my entire career. Without you, there would be no me. You should all know that I appreciate your support from the bottom of my heart. Thank you! To Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Isiah Thomas, Charles Barkley and Larry Bird, you guys gave me the vision to play the game that will be forever in my heart." (An excert from his "retirement announcement"

The hard thing to swallow is the validation of Iverson's retirement. When he opened up the announcement he announced that he wished he could have retired when he no longer could play the game but that he still had "fuel left in the tank".
Iverson was a very public and outspoken all star in his 13 NBA seasons. He was a hot headed player and felt that he should always be on the court. From the wording of the press release it seems that, given a chance to start, Iverson will be back in the league shortly.

Now beyond his outbursts Iverson is one of the best players in NBA history. He ranks 17th all time in career scoring (24020) and is in the top five all time in points per game, steals, assists per game and minutes played.

Iverson lead the Sixers to the 2001 NBA finals and was the hands down all-star in his stint in Philadelphia. Much of his play on the court was downplayed due to his open frigid relationship with then Sixers coach Larry Brown. Iverson was historically a non fan of practise and publically criticized his place on the team.

Is this the Final Answer for A.I...... only time will tell but beyond anything the man had an incredible career and will go down for one of the best sound bites of all time......


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Nov 19, 2009

Please Don't.......

The below is the actual letter I sent to 76ers general manager Ed Stefanski about the ongoing rumors of Allen Iverson returning to Philadelphia.

Dear Mr. Stefanski,

I write you today as not only a concerned citizen but a fan. I know you try really hard at your job and I could never imagine how stressful it is. The world of a NBA gm is a daunting task especially when your team is capsizing faster then the Titanic. I know you inherited a mess of a team and I will not blame you for that. Billy King was a nut and with a strapped team financially he wasted way too much money on bad contracts.

Once again i reiterate that I am not blaming you. The Elton Brand trade that was to be your cornerstone move and it backfired and once again you are strapped as to what you can do with this team. Unlike many Sixers fans (as the attendance looks I am one-of-10) I will not jump ship and play the blame game cause that just isnt fair to anyone and is counter productive to the teams goal. (Give Ed Snyder more money in revenue to spend on his daily Stanley Cup polishing)

 Anyway I think its time to get beyond formalities and get to the reason that I am writing you. DO NOT AND I MEAN DO NOT BRING ALLEN IVERSON BACK.

 I understand that if you do this it way get some people in the seats but AI is a plague that will ruin what remnants of a team we have as of right now. (Sorry for referring to the team as "we" but as an educated fan that knows more about basketball then you I feels its acceptable). Allen is a ball hog and will do nothing for the growth and development of your young players. I understand that the team is in a rebuilding phase and there will be trails and tribulations but It will get a lot harder to handle if Allen is in the mix.

I know you feel obligated to bring some glory back to Philly ever since we drafted you in 1976 "irony anyone". This team is in a bit of a bind as it is right now. You have two strapped contracts (Dalembert and Brand) that you cant get rid of. Adding another one would just make things worse.

You talked in the preseason press conference when you debuted the old logo/new logo that this team needs to take a step back to its former glory. As we all know Iverson wasn't really glory it was just a glimmer of hope in between Moses Malone and today. We are already suffering with Eddie Jordan and I know we aren't getting rid of him any time soon (trust me I know I understand we have 3 coaches were still paying, I looked at the numbers).

Please if you have any shred of decency and any respect for the people that you claim to be a member of, the fans, then spare us the shame of an AI remix.

Graciously yours,

Brad Chandler

p.s.- Why is the F*$k did you hire Eddie Jordan, Seriously......... The Wizards, he coached the Wizards last year.... yeah that turned out well.

Association in Review: Part 1

Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Dirk Nowitzki...... Brandon Jennings. What do all these names have in common. Well, from an outside view the first six seem like an early rough draft for the NBA MVP trophy, and in all likleyhood it could very well be, except for the last name.

The list I just mentioned (including Jennings) are seven of the top 10 scorers so far in this 2009-10 NBA season. Above all the primetime names that are thought of as long term faces of franchises the NBA is seeing a resurgance of a new star in Milwaukee's Brandon Jennings. With most teams hitting the 10 game mark in their 09-10 campaigns I figured it would be a good time to take a brief look at the progress so far and see where this year is headed. Since we are 1/8 of the way throughout the season I am going to give you my top 8 reasons why "The Association" is back and why if your not watching, your missing one hell of a league.

1/5- Brandon Jennings.(Bucks)
Pts: 220 (in 9 games)
Team Record- 5-2

This kid in incredible. Coming into this season their was not a lot of hope in Milwaukee. With the loss of Charlie Villanueva to free agency last season many in the twin cities area marked this team for dead. Not only that but many people in the national media questioned the teams drafting of Jennings 10th because of so called "character issues" due to his forgoing college to play a year in Europe and the fact that in that year abroad Jennings struggled with limited playing time and a general dislike for his playing situation at Lottomatica Roma.

Milwaukee is only seven games into their season and are showing that for once the Bucks could make a run. Not only had Jennings taken over the scoring burden left by Villanueva but he has excelled in places that Charlie lacked last season. Jennings in shooting a respectable 56.7 from three and in last nights game against Golden State he hit 7-9 from beyond the arch and finished the game was an astounding 55 points.

My predication for Jennings is this..... He is this years Kevin Durant. He wants the ball in his hands (which all leaders do) but in doing so creates more opportounities for his teammates. Jennings is playing unselfish and with his increased attenttion from defenses is creating a lot more oportounities for his teammates. With Jennings in the lineup Andrew Bogut is averagingThe Bucks have won five in a row and if it wasent for a slow final 22 seconds in their 81-83 loss to the Bulls this team could be 6-1 (they lost their opening game to the Sixers).

2/5- How good can the Suns be.
Record: 10-2
110.4 ppg.

Many people in the sports world weren't really sure what to make of the Suns in the offseason. Shaq headed to Cleveland, Amare wanted a trade (again) and there were many people questioning Grant Hill's relevance in the game. These questions were answered quickly this season with the suns at 10-2 and becoming one if not the most dominant team in the Western Conference. It looks like the Suns have gotten better since the departure of Big Cactus and have perfected their patented 8 second offense.

Not only has the team proven their skeptics but they are excelling in areas we never is thought of. If there is a seasonal award for strongest bench the suns are slowly walking away with it. Their "second team" as they call themselves in contributing over 60% of their scoring and is giving their veterans the times they need to relax during game. Sure the Suns are allowing opponents to score 100 ppg. I guess thats acceptable when they are getting close to the century mark after the 3rd quarter. Now Im not talking title but the Suns are going to do things this year and could be the suprise in the west.

3/5- Are the Hawks for real.
Record-10-2 (tied for the best in the league)

For years everyone always said the Hawks had potential. The bad thing about potential is that everyone that has it wasts it (Kwame Brown anyone). So far this season it seems that Atlanta has finally put all the pieces together and players like Al Horford and Joe Johnson are taking over most if not all of the scoring  from Josh Smith and Mike Bibby. Not only has the scoring evened out but the teams is playing with discipline.

For the last two seasons since they drafted Al Horford the Hawks have ranked towards the bottom of the league in turnovers allowed per game. The Hawks coughed up the ball and led the league is turnover points allowed. Since last year the team has improved 10 fold allowing only 12.6 per game and have controlled their ball movement with an assist to turnover ratio over just under two.

Not I know were are only 12 games into the season but things like this show early signs of how a season will turnout.

4/5- Will the Nets win a game this year.
Record- 0-12

When your leading scorer is only averaging 17 points a game you know you have issues. This team is terrible and is seems as if this is not the best time for a team that has had rumors of a location change for the last 2 years to struggle. It was crazy that Byron Scott got fired first (more on that later).  Lawrence Frank is a terrible coach and has not coached an above .500 team since 2006.

Now I understand they have injuries. Every team does but its what they do to counteract them that shows you what a team and a coaching staff are made of. This team has no organization. They trade away their best players and seem like they are already prepping for the LeBron lottery. If they cant win a game by Thanksgiving I call for a mutiny.

5/5- Where will LeBron go- Day 28.

Like I said in the last point its not a good time for teams like the Knicks and Nets to struggle..... or is it. Its really annoying that no matter where he plays any night there is a countdown to where LeBron wants to go. As of last night there were rumors he was going to play for the Cleveland Browns.... I kid you not.  Listen I love basketball but I don't care where LeBron will go NEXT YEAR. LeBron is going to make bank next year but lets see what happens this year. The Cavs are good let them play this year and after they loose in the playoffs then we will talk. Its like a papal conclave every game thats on ESPN... all the broadcasters try to get his decision out of him. LET IT GO... I know he is the face of basketball but pay attention to the game on the court.

Besides I think we all know what's gonna happen.... Nets are terrible... they get the 1st pick in the lottery... Jay-Z and a large Russian move them to Brooklyn.... Draft a point guard #1 in the draft... then they rename the team the Kings and make Spike Lee the mascot.

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Nov 10, 2009

An Officer & "The Admiral"

When we look back at the NBA Hall of Fame class of 2009 there is really only one name that gets the recognition..... Michael Jordan. Sure Mike more then deserved induction but beyond his accomplishments there is one thing about that draft class we need to recognize. And that is Lt. David Robinson.

David Robinson was a 14 year pro, two-time NBA Champion and the 1995 MVP. He scored 20,790 points and had 2954 blocks in an amazingly accomplished career. These numbers could have been much higher but there was one thing that held him out of two early seasons. David Robinson was not just an athlete, he was a soldier.

Coming out of Osbourn Park High School, David was recruited by almost every major school in the country. Not only was he a talented athlete but the man was a genius. He scored 1320 on his SAT (which in MENSA standards qualifies him as a genius) and decided the he would unselfishly attend the U.S. Naval Academy instead of a cushy college lifestyle. While at the Naval Academy Robinson became a four-time NCAA First team All American. In his senior season he received the Wooden and Naismith awards. He accomplished all this while being an honor student with a dual major in Mathematics and Quantum Algorithms.

After his final game at the Naval Academy he became eligible for the 1987 NBA draft, a draft that consisted of Reggie Miller and Scottie Pippen. Knowing that he would spend two years full filling his mandatory military service, the San Antonio Spurs drafted Robinson first overall due to his character and discipline.

Unselfishly Robinson forwent two years of his career to serve his country. In those two years of service Robinson achieved what he says was the biggest accomplishment of his life... becoming a Lieutenant in the United States Navy.

Many people thought that after two years out of the league Robinson may have lost a step or two. David proved them all wrong being named the 1989-90 NBA Rookie of the Year. He averaged a double-double with 27 points and 12 rebound a game.

Not only did he have historic numbers but Robinson was an unselfish teacher. When the Spurs selected Tim Duncan in the 1997 draft, after a horrible season where they went 20-62, many questioned Robinson's ability and longevity in the league. David ignored the rumors and taught Tim Duncan everything he knew, doing so created one of the strongest duos in basketball history. With his mentoring the Robinson and Duncan duo lead the Spurs to the 1999 and 2003 NBA Championships.

Beyond his storied career on the court Robinson did more in the community then most philanthropists. In 2001 he founded the Carver Academy in San Antonio. The Carver Academy is a free school for children in the inner city and helps them with training for college. Throughout his lifetime Robinson has donated over 11 million to charities in the U.S and abroad.

To top it all off Robinson represented our country as an Olympian. He was a member of the 1988, '92, and '96 Olympic Basketball teams. Robinson was a key leader for the legendary 1996 NBA Dream Team, a team that consisted of fellow '09 Hall of Fame inductees Michael Jordan and John Stockton as well as legends like Larry Bird.

So on a day when we set aside time to thank those out there that serve our country so graciously lets take a minute to appreciate something that rarely happens anymore in the world of sport. In an era of early entry out of college, and foregoing a collegiate education, I give you a man that not only graduated in the top of his class but also valiantly served his country.

Look at the 2009 draft class and tell me who deserved the headlines.

Thank you to all the service men and women that do things everyday to insure our safety. You do more then anyone could imagine and we appreciate it.

Nov 9, 2009

NBA Round-Up 11/9

Tonight is going to be a key night for a few teams in the NBA. Their are only five games scheduled but they could shape the way a lot of teams manage their season. The first prime example is when the 6-1 Phoenix Suns come into Philadelphia to take on the 76ers. The Suns are 4-1 on the road this year and are averaging over 109 ppg. The Suns are showing are one of the early favorites in the Western Conference and look like they have gotten better after the departure of Shaq. Steve Nash is having a carreer year averaging 18 points and 12 assists per game. Not only is Nash having a outstanding season but this team is so deep that some of their bench players are averaging over 15pts a game.

Amare is averaging 20pts and 9 boards a game and is playing with more discipline and control then ever seen. You can see that he has calmed down alot since last season and all of the trade rumors have not affected his play.

The real suprise is Channing Frye. Frye has become a starter for the Suns after being a bench player in Portland and New York and is making a lot of production out of the passes he is getting from Nash. He is averaging 14-points and shooting over 48% from three this season.

The Suns are coming into the Wachovia Center tonight to take on a struggling Sixers team that is currently sitting at 3-3 and more questions then answers. The team isnt gellling and seems generally confused in Coach Eddie Jordans new Princeton Offense. The team is struggling with Iguodala being the only player averaging over 15 points a game and the team is averaging more turnovers then assists.

This is going to be a true rebuilding year on broad street with a young team that still needs to come together. The one highlight for the Sixers is the play of Marreese Speights. Mo is averaging 13 points and seven board a night. The only issue is that his most productive games have been against struggling teams. He had 15 points in the Sixers 88-81 loss to the Pistons. Be advised Speights had a great game in which neither Tayshawn Prince nor Richard Hamilton were in the lineup for the Pistons.

If the Sixers can finally get some of their offensive confusion figured out and start to put together the pieces of this new offensive strategy they have an oportounity to get a win. The Suns are allowing 104 points per game to opponets and if they Sixers can get on a few run and defend against the three (which the Suns are in the top of the league in) and can control the strong Suns "second team" this could be an interesting game, but from what I have seen in the last few games their isnt much to prove this will happen.

Games to Watch

Suns @ Sixers 7:00pm: NBATV See Above; Prediction: Steve Nash will make Eddie Jordan cry.......

Jazz @ Knicks 7:30pm: The Knicks are terrible, the only thing they have to look forward to is the next time LeBron comes or what ridiculious outfit Spike Lee wears. Deron Williams is going to look good in this game (and that isnt saying much). This game will feature more turnovers then good shots. This is not worth your time watching.

Raptors @ Spurs 8:30pm: This game should be entertaining. Both of these teams are in transition and can score a lot of points. The Spurs are a little slower then they have been in the past but they can pound the ball in the paint. The Raptors have been a bit of a suprise but with Bellinelli and Bargnani leading a good shooting charge the Raptors could flourish. Chris Bosh is always a huge target and should get a double-double.

Timberwolves @ Golden State 10:30pm: If you tune into this game you better be prepared to watch Jonny Flynn and Stephen Curry take a lot and i mean A LOT of haphazard three-pointers. These are two very talented guards and they are just learning right now but they are still having a bit of trouble adjusting to the NBA distance. This game could be very fast paced and could be high scoring. This is a preview of the young stars game coming up at the all-star break.

Hornets @ Clippers 10:30pm: This game will be important not for whats happening off the court but more off the court. The Hornets are bad and noone can figure out why. The Clippers are the Clippers and we all know what that means, but with the Hornets sitting at 2-5 it should for a red flag. Byron Scott is a good coach but if they dont start winning soon hey may become the first name of the chopping block. Its crazy CP3 is playing great hes averaging almost 30 a game but hes not getting any support. If it wasent Emeka Okafor and his 11 rebounds a game this team may be winless.

On the other side.... the clippers suck so even if only Chris Paul shows up the Hornets should win this game.

Miles From Good

It has been a tumultuous week in Philadelphia sports. First the Phillies were dispatched in game 6 of the World Series, and their back-to-back title hopes were based, by the most hated franchise in baseball, The New York Yankees.

This was all transitioned in the subconscious of the average Philadelphian because, as time saw it, the best possible time of the year was upon us. And that is Dallas Week. Nothing did more for helping aide in the healing of the fanatic psyche then thinking about the trouncing the Eagles put on the Cowboys last year and how incredible the Philadelphia rivalry has been in the last few years.

After the 44-6 drudging that Cowboys took last year and the seemingly slow start they have began this years campaign with seemed like the perfect remedy for our city wide dull drums. The only problem was this was no one told the cowboys about our plan.

The Eagles were in the dirvers seat before this game. 3-0 in the division and at 5-2 they looked as if they were showing the promise that we usually see in our frantic last weeks dash towards the playoffs.

Even beyond a mildly successful outing by Donovan McNabb (16/30 for 227) and another strong outing by Brent Celek, a cagey and down right impressive Cowboys offense kept the game close. The one thing that really hurt the Eagles in this game was McNabb's two interceptions. This has become a staple in every Eagles loss, inconsistent play and costly turnovers. Don't get me wrong Donovan McNabb may become a Hall of Fame player before hes done but if we want to talk about Tony Romo choking in the playoffs we should look in the mirror at ourselves every once in a while.

All week everyone in the media said that the key to Dallas's chances was going to be Monmouth grad Miles Austin. Austin was only held to one catch but that was the one that counted, as he connected with Tony Romo for a 49-yard catch to put away the Cowboys win with 8:04 to go.

Beyond the jersey he wears this kid in incredible. Coming out of Monmouth he never really was given the chance to become a starter in his four year career, but in Dallas he has received the confidence in his quarterback, and in Dallas that does wonders. Look at the numbers Jason Witten had last year when he was given Romo's confidence. The best thing for Austin is he outright speed. He had 0-60 speed that gives him at least two extra steps on any d-back on coverage. Not to mention the kid flourishes on slant routs to the sidelines that Tony Romo thrives on.

Another Achilles heel for the Eagles in this game was the defenses inability to pressure Tony Romo.

The Eagles seemed to be charging down the field late in the fourth but instead of taking a chance on a 4th and 11 the Birds decided to go conservative and connect on a LONG David Akers 52-yard field goal. For once This was a decision that I think all of the Philadelphia can agree with. The Eagles gave them selves a chance to win this game all they needed was a defensive stand. with 8:04 left the Eagles needed to add pressure and give themselves a chance to succeed, but just like with the Phillies this week, it seemed like "America's teams" have become our kryptonite.

I have always been told the term "When it rains, it pours" and this is none truer then today. But hey at least we trounced on the Giants......

Nov 7, 2009

NBA Game of the Day

So because I know all of you are paying oh so much attention to the NBA season i figured Id let you all know when the prime time and hidden gems will be taking place this year. Today is a prime example as the 5-1 Nuggets take on the 4-2 Atlanta Hawks. The Hawks have been a team on the rise in the last few years and it seems that the combination of Mike Bibby and Josh Smith are finally starting to gel. The Hawks are going to put up a good fight but the most important part of this game in the Denver Nuggets.

If you haven't been paying attention this year then you wouldn't know about the statistical show that Carmelo Anthony has been putting on EVERYONE. Its crazy, Denver is such an amazingly good team yet they never get any of the media attention they deserve because Denver is not a major media market. Carmelo Anthony has averaged over 25 points a game in an fast paced offense where he is not the key offensive target. With the tandem of Melo and Chauncey Billups working together the way they have early in this season it is easy to see the Nuggets making another long run into the Western Conference playoffs.

Between the talent of Melo and the experience of Billups there is also the early showings of rookie Ty Lawson. Lawson has been coming off the bench a lot this season and so far he has shown a lot of the strong ball handling and patience that is takes to be a premier point guard in the NBA. Lawson was a steal for the Nuggets in the draft and was a player that could have really helped the 76ers.

Tonights Games:

Nuggets @ Hawks: 7:00pm NBA TV: With or without a 25 point game from Melo this will be a game that the Nuggest should win by about 15 points. The key is going to be Josh Smith. If he can show the potential we all know he has this game could be a surprise but I don't expect to much from the 4-2 Hawks unless Joe Johnson wants to play for once. I mean Bibby can hit a three but they always end up flat in the end.

 Toronto @ Dallas: 8:00 pm: Dirk Nowitzki has been an animal this season. Other then dropping 29 points in the 4th quarter alone in a game last week, he is one of the only Forwards shooting over 60% from the field. you can tell the Mavs are hungry this year and they will show that tonight against a team in Toronto that relys way to much of Bargnani and Chris Bosh.

Knicks @ Bucks: 10:30 pm: Now before you laugh in my face this is going to be a good game from a few reasons. First off none of them have anything to do with the Knicks. They are terrible and wont break 60pts. The most important thing tonight is going to be Brandon Jennings. He was held under 20 points last night only due to the fact that the game was in the bag early and they wanted to give a lot of the reserves playing time. I expect Jennings to get his first triple double tonight. The points will be the easy parts but if Jennings can play some staunch defense he may have the third part coming from steals.

Nov 6, 2009

Tonights rookie battle

LEBRON IS COMING TO NY..... But its not the best game in the NBA.

In the obscure world of the NBA their is an opportunity for fans to see two of the youngest, most promising, rookies since LeBron James came into the league.  They face of tonight when the Minnesota Timberwolves take on the Milwaukee Bucks.

For the Bucks their is Brandon Jennings. Jennings dropped to number 10 in the 2009 draft due to suspected character issues and the fact that he bypassed college to play a year in Italy. He had a poor inaguarl season in Italy and didny play much but he claims that humbled him and made him grow up as a player, and boy has he.

Jennings has been playing with a bit of a chip on his shoulder and is already getting consideration for this years rookie of the year. Hes leading all rookies in scoring and almost scored a triple-double in the first game in the league. Hes a diaper dandy in the association.Not to mention he is bringing back the Cheetos locks that we all miss from the early 90's NWA much videos.

On the other side of the ball is Jonny Flynn, the former Syracuse point guard who was taken 8th by the Timberwolve's. Flynn has showed a lot of potential this season and looks as if he is going to become a solid contributor for a ever present rebuilding Timberwolve's team. Their was a lot of preseason hype on Flynn due to the fact that the T-Wolves also took Ricky Rubio in the first round (Rubio opted out to stay in Spain).

Jennings is averaging 22 pts and just over 5 assists so far this year and is shooting over .60 from the floor. For the wolves Flynn is averaging over 26 minutes and is shooting over 90% from three, the only thing hurting his production is the disastrous situation he is dealing with in Minnesota.

So on a night where LeBron makes he most recent to New York 7 months before his eventual trade there are other quality games to see in the NBA and worth your time.

Key Games Tonight:

7pm- Detroit @ Orlando. - With Dwight Howard dealing with his hot temper and an emerging young magic lineup this game could be a preview of the first round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs. The Pistons are still without Rip and Prince may still sit out with an injury.

Prediction- Magic (Jameer Nelson averages 20pts and 10 asst)

8pm- Milwaukee @ Minnesota - See above 

Prediction- Bucks (Brandon Jennings in an animal 25pts. 10 red. and 2 highlight reel dunks)

8pm- Cavs @ Knicks. - ESPN (Give him the key to the arena cause LeBron is coming home, expect Spike Lee to wear a Dodgers jersey and look like hes got a load in his pants after LeBron drops 60).

Prediction- LeBron covers the spread himself. Starbury sits in the front row and acts like an idiot.

8:30- OKC @ Houston. - The Yao and T-Mac less Rockets take on the best young team in the league. Expect an exhibition from Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook but for some reason i don't think they get it done, yeah the almost best the Lakers but their is something about the Rockets that I like this year.

Prediction- Rockets by 3. If Durant has more the 25 at half I recall this bet.

Nov 5, 2009

Puff The Magic Giant.

(Washington, WA). San Francisco Giants starting pitcher and 2008 NL Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum was charged with misdemeanor drug possession this week after he was pulled for speeding.

Lincecum was joy riding with a long time friend in upstate Washington on Oct. 30 when he was pulled over and upon approaching the vehicle Washington State Trooper Steve Schatzel detected the scent of marijuana.

After asking Lincecum and the passenger about the odor the 25 year old Giants pitcher surrender just over 3.3 grams of marijuana and a smoking pipe to the officer.

The possession of marijuana under 40 grams is considered a misdemeanor in washington and requires a court appearance as well as a $500 fine.

Lincecum was rated as The Sporting News "top mlb prospect" in his senior season at Washington and has been one of the strongest pitchers on a remerging Giants team that fell a few games shy of the playoffs this season.

Linecum has been known as an unusual character and is the newest member of the Giants organization to deal with a substance issue. Upside at least Bonds didn't shoot and drive. Heres to you puff.......

Nov 4, 2009

NBA Live Chat: Suns v. Magic.....

So since I now get paid to watch basketball why not make it a part of the blog. Tonight's game is The Orlando Magic taking on the Phoenix Suns. This is an interesting game for many reasons. Phoenix is still undefeated and showing a lot of discipline since getting rid of Shaq in the off season. Steve Nash has been working himself into a position where he may win the scoring title and is on the way towards taking over the all time assist total in the NBA.............

Phoenix 4-0
Orlando 3-1

1st quarter: 5:50 to go....

Nash is fast but Orlando is faster. The key to this game is going to be slowing down the Phoenix offense. Phoenix lives by the 8 second offense and that is something that teams that have larger forwards have a problem with. Orlando started off slowing down those phoenix big men getting Jarron Collins and Channing Frye into early foul trouble. Its going to be key because not only will the Suns have to be careful but without the room for team fouls they wont be able to run and gun.

Advantage: Orlando

1st quarter: 3:02 to go.....

Dwight Howard is huge, this is sad because he is a foul target. Jarron Collins just made him look incredibly stupid with a good offensive foul presence. Howard got a hot head last night and is already in early foul trouble. If this persists the magic are going to have to rely on Marcin Goratat and we all know that is a horrible option.

Advantage: Phoenix

End of 1st quarter:

Thoughts: Who knew Jared Dudley could hit a three. Also unlike most teams in the league the Suns live by their bench, or as they like to call it "second unit". Steve Nash is god but in the next few years I see Goran Dragic becoming Hercules.

Second Quarter:

2nd Quarter 9:32 left

Alvin gentry looks like hes gonna cry. Young Suns are getting way to many fouls way to early. Upside Jameer Nelson (SAINT JOSEPHS) is looking like a chcolate Steve Nash. Hes got great ball skills and is hitting mid range shots in the lane like its his job. Nelson will have a double-double tonight. Hes already sitting with 10pts and 8reb.

Advantage: Orlando

2nd Quarter 4:46 left
Dwight Howard foul (3) and a technical.... bye bye Orlando

Dwight Howard is an easy target and he seems not to take it well.