Nov 19, 2009

Please Don't.......

The below is the actual letter I sent to 76ers general manager Ed Stefanski about the ongoing rumors of Allen Iverson returning to Philadelphia.

Dear Mr. Stefanski,

I write you today as not only a concerned citizen but a fan. I know you try really hard at your job and I could never imagine how stressful it is. The world of a NBA gm is a daunting task especially when your team is capsizing faster then the Titanic. I know you inherited a mess of a team and I will not blame you for that. Billy King was a nut and with a strapped team financially he wasted way too much money on bad contracts.

Once again i reiterate that I am not blaming you. The Elton Brand trade that was to be your cornerstone move and it backfired and once again you are strapped as to what you can do with this team. Unlike many Sixers fans (as the attendance looks I am one-of-10) I will not jump ship and play the blame game cause that just isnt fair to anyone and is counter productive to the teams goal. (Give Ed Snyder more money in revenue to spend on his daily Stanley Cup polishing)

 Anyway I think its time to get beyond formalities and get to the reason that I am writing you. DO NOT AND I MEAN DO NOT BRING ALLEN IVERSON BACK.

 I understand that if you do this it way get some people in the seats but AI is a plague that will ruin what remnants of a team we have as of right now. (Sorry for referring to the team as "we" but as an educated fan that knows more about basketball then you I feels its acceptable). Allen is a ball hog and will do nothing for the growth and development of your young players. I understand that the team is in a rebuilding phase and there will be trails and tribulations but It will get a lot harder to handle if Allen is in the mix.

I know you feel obligated to bring some glory back to Philly ever since we drafted you in 1976 "irony anyone". This team is in a bit of a bind as it is right now. You have two strapped contracts (Dalembert and Brand) that you cant get rid of. Adding another one would just make things worse.

You talked in the preseason press conference when you debuted the old logo/new logo that this team needs to take a step back to its former glory. As we all know Iverson wasn't really glory it was just a glimmer of hope in between Moses Malone and today. We are already suffering with Eddie Jordan and I know we aren't getting rid of him any time soon (trust me I know I understand we have 3 coaches were still paying, I looked at the numbers).

Please if you have any shred of decency and any respect for the people that you claim to be a member of, the fans, then spare us the shame of an AI remix.

Graciously yours,

Brad Chandler

p.s.- Why is the F*$k did you hire Eddie Jordan, Seriously......... The Wizards, he coached the Wizards last year.... yeah that turned out well.

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  1. Did you really send that? I hope you aren't looking for a job with the Sixers anytime soon. If he reads that, good luck hahaha.

    BTW. BRING BACK IVERSON. Who cares if it screws up the franchise...they already look like ass. No one gives two sh*ts about the Philadelphia one.

    Need something to bring the fans in. The NBA SUCKS!