Nov 7, 2009

NBA Game of the Day

So because I know all of you are paying oh so much attention to the NBA season i figured Id let you all know when the prime time and hidden gems will be taking place this year. Today is a prime example as the 5-1 Nuggets take on the 4-2 Atlanta Hawks. The Hawks have been a team on the rise in the last few years and it seems that the combination of Mike Bibby and Josh Smith are finally starting to gel. The Hawks are going to put up a good fight but the most important part of this game in the Denver Nuggets.

If you haven't been paying attention this year then you wouldn't know about the statistical show that Carmelo Anthony has been putting on EVERYONE. Its crazy, Denver is such an amazingly good team yet they never get any of the media attention they deserve because Denver is not a major media market. Carmelo Anthony has averaged over 25 points a game in an fast paced offense where he is not the key offensive target. With the tandem of Melo and Chauncey Billups working together the way they have early in this season it is easy to see the Nuggets making another long run into the Western Conference playoffs.

Between the talent of Melo and the experience of Billups there is also the early showings of rookie Ty Lawson. Lawson has been coming off the bench a lot this season and so far he has shown a lot of the strong ball handling and patience that is takes to be a premier point guard in the NBA. Lawson was a steal for the Nuggets in the draft and was a player that could have really helped the 76ers.

Tonights Games:

Nuggets @ Hawks: 7:00pm NBA TV: With or without a 25 point game from Melo this will be a game that the Nuggest should win by about 15 points. The key is going to be Josh Smith. If he can show the potential we all know he has this game could be a surprise but I don't expect to much from the 4-2 Hawks unless Joe Johnson wants to play for once. I mean Bibby can hit a three but they always end up flat in the end.

 Toronto @ Dallas: 8:00 pm: Dirk Nowitzki has been an animal this season. Other then dropping 29 points in the 4th quarter alone in a game last week, he is one of the only Forwards shooting over 60% from the field. you can tell the Mavs are hungry this year and they will show that tonight against a team in Toronto that relys way to much of Bargnani and Chris Bosh.

Knicks @ Bucks: 10:30 pm: Now before you laugh in my face this is going to be a good game from a few reasons. First off none of them have anything to do with the Knicks. They are terrible and wont break 60pts. The most important thing tonight is going to be Brandon Jennings. He was held under 20 points last night only due to the fact that the game was in the bag early and they wanted to give a lot of the reserves playing time. I expect Jennings to get his first triple double tonight. The points will be the easy parts but if Jennings can play some staunch defense he may have the third part coming from steals.

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