Nov 4, 2009

NBA Live Chat: Suns v. Magic.....

So since I now get paid to watch basketball why not make it a part of the blog. Tonight's game is The Orlando Magic taking on the Phoenix Suns. This is an interesting game for many reasons. Phoenix is still undefeated and showing a lot of discipline since getting rid of Shaq in the off season. Steve Nash has been working himself into a position where he may win the scoring title and is on the way towards taking over the all time assist total in the NBA.............

Phoenix 4-0
Orlando 3-1

1st quarter: 5:50 to go....

Nash is fast but Orlando is faster. The key to this game is going to be slowing down the Phoenix offense. Phoenix lives by the 8 second offense and that is something that teams that have larger forwards have a problem with. Orlando started off slowing down those phoenix big men getting Jarron Collins and Channing Frye into early foul trouble. Its going to be key because not only will the Suns have to be careful but without the room for team fouls they wont be able to run and gun.

Advantage: Orlando

1st quarter: 3:02 to go.....

Dwight Howard is huge, this is sad because he is a foul target. Jarron Collins just made him look incredibly stupid with a good offensive foul presence. Howard got a hot head last night and is already in early foul trouble. If this persists the magic are going to have to rely on Marcin Goratat and we all know that is a horrible option.

Advantage: Phoenix

End of 1st quarter:

Thoughts: Who knew Jared Dudley could hit a three. Also unlike most teams in the league the Suns live by their bench, or as they like to call it "second unit". Steve Nash is god but in the next few years I see Goran Dragic becoming Hercules.

Second Quarter:

2nd Quarter 9:32 left

Alvin gentry looks like hes gonna cry. Young Suns are getting way to many fouls way to early. Upside Jameer Nelson (SAINT JOSEPHS) is looking like a chcolate Steve Nash. Hes got great ball skills and is hitting mid range shots in the lane like its his job. Nelson will have a double-double tonight. Hes already sitting with 10pts and 8reb.

Advantage: Orlando

2nd Quarter 4:46 left
Dwight Howard foul (3) and a technical.... bye bye Orlando

Dwight Howard is an easy target and he seems not to take it well.

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