Nov 9, 2009

Miles From Good

It has been a tumultuous week in Philadelphia sports. First the Phillies were dispatched in game 6 of the World Series, and their back-to-back title hopes were based, by the most hated franchise in baseball, The New York Yankees.

This was all transitioned in the subconscious of the average Philadelphian because, as time saw it, the best possible time of the year was upon us. And that is Dallas Week. Nothing did more for helping aide in the healing of the fanatic psyche then thinking about the trouncing the Eagles put on the Cowboys last year and how incredible the Philadelphia rivalry has been in the last few years.

After the 44-6 drudging that Cowboys took last year and the seemingly slow start they have began this years campaign with seemed like the perfect remedy for our city wide dull drums. The only problem was this was no one told the cowboys about our plan.

The Eagles were in the dirvers seat before this game. 3-0 in the division and at 5-2 they looked as if they were showing the promise that we usually see in our frantic last weeks dash towards the playoffs.

Even beyond a mildly successful outing by Donovan McNabb (16/30 for 227) and another strong outing by Brent Celek, a cagey and down right impressive Cowboys offense kept the game close. The one thing that really hurt the Eagles in this game was McNabb's two interceptions. This has become a staple in every Eagles loss, inconsistent play and costly turnovers. Don't get me wrong Donovan McNabb may become a Hall of Fame player before hes done but if we want to talk about Tony Romo choking in the playoffs we should look in the mirror at ourselves every once in a while.

All week everyone in the media said that the key to Dallas's chances was going to be Monmouth grad Miles Austin. Austin was only held to one catch but that was the one that counted, as he connected with Tony Romo for a 49-yard catch to put away the Cowboys win with 8:04 to go.

Beyond the jersey he wears this kid in incredible. Coming out of Monmouth he never really was given the chance to become a starter in his four year career, but in Dallas he has received the confidence in his quarterback, and in Dallas that does wonders. Look at the numbers Jason Witten had last year when he was given Romo's confidence. The best thing for Austin is he outright speed. He had 0-60 speed that gives him at least two extra steps on any d-back on coverage. Not to mention the kid flourishes on slant routs to the sidelines that Tony Romo thrives on.

Another Achilles heel for the Eagles in this game was the defenses inability to pressure Tony Romo.

The Eagles seemed to be charging down the field late in the fourth but instead of taking a chance on a 4th and 11 the Birds decided to go conservative and connect on a LONG David Akers 52-yard field goal. For once This was a decision that I think all of the Philadelphia can agree with. The Eagles gave them selves a chance to win this game all they needed was a defensive stand. with 8:04 left the Eagles needed to add pressure and give themselves a chance to succeed, but just like with the Phillies this week, it seemed like "America's teams" have become our kryptonite.

I have always been told the term "When it rains, it pours" and this is none truer then today. But hey at least we trounced on the Giants......

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