Jul 20, 2010

Has Andre Iguodala Accepted His Mediocrity?

(Las Vegas, NV) - This week the USA National Basketball team is holding a five day minicamp for prospective NBA players in hopes they will be invited to fill out the USA Roster for the upcoming FIBA championship and hopefully 2012 Olympic roster. One of those players invited to the camp was Sixers forward Andre Iguodala.

This is the fifth time Andre has been invited to these camps and has yet to be invited... Maybe the mood in the room caused Andre to reflect on his career.

When media interviews commenced at the completion of the days camp Iguodala told the media he is excited about the direction the team is headed.

Iguodala has played for six coaches in as many years since he was drafted by the Sixers and hopes that Collins, and rookie Evan Turner will help add some stability to the Sixers.

Iguodala also told the reporters that he feels he needs to act more like a leader and the head of the team if they are going to succeed. He summed up this need by stating.

“So we know we have to perform better. I need to do a better job of leading the team and holding it together."

He also went on to say:

“Good players keep coaches jobs and bad players get coaches fired,” 

As a longtime Sixers fan I feel relieved that not only is Iguodala realizing the he has been expected to be the teams leader but that he is also accepting the fact that he is a bad basketball player.

Now all we need is for him to admit hes overpaid and needs to be traded.

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