Jul 7, 2010

Bosh and Wade in Miami: Conspiracy Theory Afoot

(Miami, Fl) -- OK so we all know the news regarding Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade in Miami. Two parts of the dream time are headed to Southbeach to create a championship type tandem.

We have also heard for weeks about a proposed three man dream team also involving LeBron James.

With the announcement of Wade and Bosh and the news of LeBron's one hour free agency special many people are counting out the chances that the trio to Miami deal was just a dream and its chances of happening are gone.

I think otherwise...

If you pay attention to the way all of the free agencies have gone down we see a few things. Mostly the statements from the players and the specifics of the deals. We saw this with the max deal to Joe Johnson and the massive overpaid contract to A'mare in NYC but why haven't we heard anything about Southbeach's new superstars.

I am not saying its going to happen but I think we may all may be set up for a surprise. LeBron's camp is not releasing anything and have not since the free agency period began. With the Knicks, Nets, Cavs and Bulls still waiting to hear my guess is that LeBron may be Miami bound and this whole free agency was a novel agreed upon years ago.

Well all see tomorrow night but I figure if everyone's going to throw out their rumors why can't I.

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  1. Stop, enough already. Ever since Lebron commited to the Miami Heat, I have heard nothing but sniffling and sarchism coming from the various cities that lost out in their free agency bids.

    This is America, a "free agent" can play anywhere they chose. The comments from Dan Gilbert, Mark Cuban and Spike Lee are completely unethical. They should be severly sanctioned by David Stern.