Jul 7, 2010

Primetime Made For A King

(Cleveland, OH) -- BREAKING NEWS -- ESPN is reporting that they have an ESPN Exclusive of a one time only ESPN prime time special about the free agency of LeBron James...

Not that the last two weeks haven't been enough 24/7 LeBron the "King" will give his own prime time special.

Does anyone else think that the summer of LeBron is getting a little out of control. Its about time ESPN creates ESPN 6 (The LeBron network).

LeBron will now announce his much anticipated free agency decision live on a one-hour prime time special at 9pm tomorrow night.  The locations and content of the show have yet to be announced but we do know that all proceeds from the special will go to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

The story was reported as a exclusive on ESPN via NBA Insider Chris Broussard.

With the announcements of Dwayne Wade returning to Miami with the services of Chris Bosh at his side it makes old James as the sole top tier player left. LeBron has many teams still vying for his services, most notably Cleveland, New York, New Jersey and Chicago.

Three of these teams will be left out in the cold and hopefully after James makes his decision the rest of the pieces will fall into place.

Even though Miami has secured the services of Wade and Bosh and because the monetary amounts have yet to be released there is still a small chance that King James may be headed to South Beach to join his Olympic teammates.

Who knows where LeBron will land (seriously NOONE has a clue) atleast we know that it will all be over tomorrow night.

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