Jun 24, 2010

VOTD: Wally Backman Goes Postal

Many of you will here the name Wally Backman and think of his play in the mid 80's for the New York Mets or his short stint with the Phillies in the early 90's. Some of you more in tuned will know his for his one day stint as a major league manager.

The much polarized Backman is now coaching in the minor leagues in the Mets system and some videos of him stint in the bush leagues have hit the internet. This clip from the "Playing for Peanuts" TV series chronicles his days coaching the South Georgia Peanuts of the South Coast League.

Anyway ill leave the video to speak for itself... Who says Lou Pinella is the king of the manager tirade.

By the way... the game ended in a bench clearing brawl and the Peanuts refused to finish the game Click Here To Read The Article


  1. Playing for Peanuts was actually released. It aired on Comcast Sportsnet in 10 cities and is available on DVD - http://amzn.to/peanutsdvd