Jun 25, 2010

Evan Tuner Already Getting A Nickname?

(Philadelphia, PA) - Now that the 2010 NBA draft is over and the speculation of the Sixers trading the second pick was squashed the team ended up with exactly what they wanted, Evan Turner the consensus All-American from Ohio State.

Turner has not even landed in the city yet and the nicknames and banter has already begun. On 97.5 The Fantatic's afternoon show Via and Gonzo, radio personality and Inquirer writer John Gonzalez threw out the most logical and fitting nickname for the cities newest arrival... E.T.

I think we should let time pass before we make it stick but by the look of things this one may stick but if it stays E.T. will now phone home to the Wachovia Center.

Turner has decided to wear number 12 when he makes his debut for the Sixers, a reversal from him #21 he played in college, which is currently used by F Thaddeus Young.

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  1. his nick name at ohio state is the villian