Jun 21, 2010

Drop Iggy to Draft Turner... Where do I sign?

(Philadelphia, PA)- According to PhillyMag.com writer and sports pundit Michael Bradley the Sixers have a decisive decision to make regarding their second overall selection in this weeks NBA Draft.

According to Bradley and an unknown Western Conference GM (hopefully someone that's interested in Iggy)“If you take Turner, you have to do something with Iguodala,”.. stated the GM.

The piece explains that if the Sixers take Turner (which many including myself believe they will do) they will have to find a place to send Andre Iguodala because of their similar size and offensive abilities.

Basically hes saying they both like to control the ball and neither can shoot incredibly well when pressured.

As much as this would be a pseudo Christmas in July the theory is neither outlandish nor necessary. Because of the situations the Sixers were put in last season: thin backcourt, rookie pg, Lou Williams... Andre Iguodala was forced to play more of a hybrid SG/F combo position. As we saw from the 27-55 record it wasn't successful and according to Bradley's source bringing in Turner would make it even harder for Iguodala to succeed.

Bradley's cited another unknown source and was quoted as saying “There’s not enough floor space for the two of them,.

I think I speak for many fans when I say that Andre Iguodala is a good player but his contract makes him less then apealing when you look at a roster (3-years $ 42+ mil.). If the Sixers were to move him to free up salary space it would be a benefit to the Sixers in the long run, but saying that the addition of Turner would force a move is irrational.

Iguodala is a natural SF and is a quick lane threat. Looking at Turners skill set and floor presence I think they could excel together but then again I'm just a fan that watched all 82 games. Turner is young as has much upside and Iguodala is riding out the last three years of his career contract (most likely his last contract over 2-3 years).

If this unknown GM wants to woo the Sixers in a trade for Iggy.. (lets all hope this is someone from the Suns) then lets make it worth it because with the teams recent moves (Dalembert Out / Nocioni, Hawes In) the Sixers are starting to find that light at the end of the tunnel.

Ladies and Gents we only have three days until all of this speculation and wait will be over... It cant be better then the Sixers last #2 overall selection... damn you KVH.

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