Jun 20, 2010

A.I. wants to return... does anyone care?

It has been reported that former Sixer Allen Iverson wants to return to the NBA for a 14 season. Iverson's manager Gary Moore told ESPN.com that "Allen is working out and he's getting himself prepared to make his return."

The only problem with this expected  return is... does anyone really want him?

Iverson made a return to the Sixers, the team that drafted him first overall in the 1996 NBA draft, last season to much media attention but not much on the court and was released from the team for family issues in mid March.

Iverson won four scoring titles with the Sixers but came under fire with team officials regarding his practice dedication and off the court activities.

Iverson just turned 35 and is far from the player he was when he took the Sixers to the 2001 NBA Finals. A.I. is one of the most polarizing players in the cities history as he was a menace to team chemisty yet was one of the most popular Sixers of all time in the minds of fans.

It has been a rough year for Iverson as he was released by the team to take care of family issues pertaining to his four year-old daughter Messiah. His wife Tawanna ( the original crazy basketball wife) filed for divorce from Allen one day after he was released from the 76ers.

Who knows if a team will take a chance with the 35yr. old point guard, especially one that has lost a step (or few) but I think I speak for all Sixers fans when I say NO THANKS ALLEN...


  1. the hell with you. i wouldnt mind him coming off the bench. he still can put up decent numbers. not great numbers like he once did. i would welcome him back

  2. Of all pics to post you chose a mug shot and then took a swipe at Tawanna who you obviously have never met. You are simply a hater and a hack.

  3. yes who ever takes shots at A.I. is a clown because he to me still can be on e of the better players in the league he's the best ever

  4. Who is this guy Alan Iverson?

  5. A.I would not be good for this team. He likes to control the ball (he admits to this) a veteran pg that controls alot of a teams history is not a good piece to a team that is developing with your talent. Every other player on the court would be over shadowed by A.I. and frankly the man is a cancer to any team.

    And I'm sorry guys but his wife is a terror... shes almost as bad as his mom.

  6. Whoever signs, A.I. here, Europe, Asia, or Russia sign not only the BB player who is AI, but the hip-hop culture, lifestyle, his crew, hanger-ons and personal drama that is always about him. If Michael Vick were a BB player, he would AI, if AI was a football player, he would be Vick. They only grew up 3 miles from eachother in Newport News, VA and came from same public housing development.

    Sad as his personal life may be, his only skill and way to make money is BB. Once his age, body, and life catch up he has no other marketable way to make money. 5-10 years from now if we read that AI is killed in a drive-by in Hampton VA, would not shock me. He has been, and will always be about the "streets". and on the street he will die an early death.

    Sixers, NBA, Turkish super league, whoever will not change that.

    Back and Gold "57"