Jun 21, 2010

Same Old Place, Just A Different Name...

Now that we have all heard the news about Wells Fargo owning the naming rights to the (former) Wachovia Center its time for all of us to put are brains together and come up with a new nickname for the Flyers and Sixers home. The Name is going to officially change on July 1st.

First it was the CoreStates Center then First Union Center (FU Center) and most recently the Wachovia Center (White Chovia Center, The Wac) and now it will be known as the Wells Fargo Center. This place has changed its name more then Prince.

Personally with all these names changes I really miss the days of Veterans Stadium and Shibe Park (ok I was before after Shibe Park), but you get the point.

This whole renaming thing is getting me frustrated how about we call it Who F*%king Cares... hey look the letters work.

Leave your comments.

*Sidenote* All Wachovia bank customers are now Wells Fargo customer... Didn't they just get a bailout?

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