Feb 8, 2010

Stephen A. Smith is GARBAGE!!!

So I wake up today thinking that this is just like any other Monday. Go to work write my examiner.com article then spend the next hour or so reading my typical array of sports blogs and columnists. In my search to read John Gonzalez on philly.com I see an oddly familiar name.

Screamin Stephen A. Smith who for some reason is still considered a contributing writer for the inquirer jumps back into his old media whoring ways and decides to tell us what he thinks about the Sixers and their season. So I figure lets see what this ass clown has to say.

Typical Stephen A. Smith nonsense. Acting like he should be a GM and telling us the most obvious things ever. "a bad $80 million dollar investment in Elton Brand" announcement like it something we have agonized over. The best part of the article is when Smith says that Eddie Jordan is a class act that needs the correct pieces to run his offense. For some reason Screamin thinks that we actually want Eddie around long enough to get this offense working.

He goes on to tell us that the Sixers are ruining their chances at a draft pick by winning games... Like this is something we all think every time were taking a lead no matter when it is.

Listen I am a Sixers fan. I read his columns all the time when he was the beat writer, but honestly hes terrible. he walks away and acts like hes the only person that has the right to talk about Sixers basketball. He is such as Allen Iverson all clown that he had the gaw to post Iverson's so called "Retirement Announcement" on his website.

The best part of the article was when he tried to rip apart the whole team and said that Sammy D was the most inconsistent player in the last few weeks for the Sixers. SAMMY HAS AVERAGED A DOUBLE-F*$KING-DOUBLE. At this point I brushed it off and started enjoying the fact that for once in my life I knew more about a team then a guy that got paid to write about them.

He ends the article talking about how the team needs to take a T-MAC trade and how it would help the team. (valid comment but a bit too late).. I covered that one last week.

He ends grandly talking about how if the owners really cared they would tank the season to get a top pick like this is a strategy we all didn't know about.

The best part of this article other then it ending was the fan comments. There was the typical fan (the uneducated WIP wing bowl fanatic) that electronically jacked off smith praising him for coming back. (Sorry ladies and gents we all know this guy doesn't read the inquirer, he seemed more like the 4th grade reading level the daily news recruits). What i enjoyed was the real fans that made comments such as "no wonder he got fired". "Who the hell are you" and "your show sucked". These helped me keep my sanity they really did.

Listen I am all about opinions hell that is why I am writing this now but there is a fine line you must draw. Stephen you ditched the city to "make it big" yet when your show failed (and it SUCKED) don't come back acting like were all grateful that your annoying us again. You do nothing but state the obvious all try to use common lingo "'folks" to prove that your still with it and not living in suburban new jersey...

Yes this is harsh but I am sorry there is no way this guy should be allowed to write in Philly again I think we all see that Kate Fagan is 10x the beat writer and actually cares about the fans. Stephen A always thought he was a pontiff preaching to all of us dumb fans.

To give you all a back story of the reason I am writing this article I will give you what happened the last time I met Screamin Stephen:

 Because I work in the media I was give the opportunity to attend the second game of what I called the "Iverson Comeback Tour" against the Detroit Pistons. Just like anything that can get you on T.V. in Philadelphia Stephen was buzzing around that place like a crack head looking for a dollar in 30th street station. He walked around like he somehow owned the place and when it came to game time walked to press row and took any old seat cause he thought he could. Luckily enough it was a seat in a row right in front of mine. I sat there writing and watching the game and watched as this smug asshole, who for some reason is loved by the people of this city, reject every small child that came up for an autograph and ignored everyone that didn't look like they could help him get a new pay check.

This guy is the model of smug arrogance and generally a huge P.O.S.

If you think im crazy read his original dribble here.

This was a fun rant and I thank you all for reading


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