Feb 5, 2010

At The Deadline: Sixers Hope To Make A Move

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The NBA trade deadline is February 18th at 3pm and the Sixers are in a position to make a big move. With a few huge contracts on their books (Andre Iguodala 12.2M, Samuel Dalembert 12M & Elton Brand 14.8M) and many teams looking to trade high profile expiring contracts it could lead to a huge salary dump for the Sixers. With all speculation and rumors aside I figured I would explain the top possibilities available if any moves are to be made.

(Houston Rockets SG)

T-Mac was supposed to be the franchise player in Houston to compliment Yao Ming. Even since Yao went down with a fractured foot and McGrady came back from an injury there has been a huge falling out between McGrady and GM Daryl Morey. T-Mac was expecting to come back as a starter but with a young nucleus of players McGrady didn't fit in their offensive scheme as much as he did with Yao. McGrady has a huge contract ($20.37 M) that is expiring at the end of the season and could free up cap room for any team that trades for him.

If McGrady were to come to Philly it would be a combo deal. ESPN NBA analyst Chris Broussard stated that their was a possible McGrady to Philly for the combo of Andre Iguodala and Samuel Dalembert deal in the works. This is an option and the money would even out but is very unlikely. This deal would only work if the Sixers decide to completely gut their lineup and start over from scratch not to mention as hard as it is to stomach Igoudala is the best player the Sixers have.

Chances of Happening: 15%

(Phoenix Suns PF)

Amare is in the last year of his contract in Phoenix and at the trade deadline he sits in a interesting yet familiar situation. It seems like an annual right of passage that trade rumors in Phoenix for the $15 M dollar forward are made. Amare is a amazing and young talent but at times his temper gets to him and can be a team chemistry destroyer. Also if any trade is to be made for Amare the team could be held for another year with him, seeing as he has a $15.07 M player option in his contract which makes a trade for him very risky.

If a trade would be made to Phoenix is would be more of a double switch sending the before mentioned combo of Andre Iguodala and Samuel Dalembert to Phoenix for Amare and a bench player, probably a young player like a Louis Amundson or an NBDL prospect like Taylor Griffin

Chances of Happening: 20%

This is the most likely situation and even Sixers Examiner Andy Jasner agrees: Posted Just Today "Iguodala could be headed to Phoenix"

Now what is really likely to happen

The Sixers will most likely not have the fire sale that most people are predicting. Its more likley that they will either trade to a team that is looking to be a contender or is riddled with injuries . Cleveland is a prime example of a team looking for help and would be willing to trade a quality product for a scorer. Cleveland is looking desperately for players to help LeBron stay in town. They would be interested in Iguodala and would be willing to get rid of a quality player to do it.

Another option but it would be a long shot would be a team a team like Washington who is looking desperately ditch the contract of Gilbert Arenas and could be willing to part with a player like Brendan Haywood as long as they aren't the ones that make the McGrady deal. Washington isn't really in a buying mood and would only be willing to make the trade if they can some how get rid of Arenas contract (nearly impossible due to the fact he has a no trade clause).

Chance of Happening: Cle 10% Wash 5%

Sixers Fans: Play GM (someone has to) and let me know what your ideal trade would be.

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