Feb 2, 2010

Phillies News 2/2

"Were Not The Yankees"

Damn right were not. Whether you call him smug arrogant or you bow in his presence (me) you have to understand how important Ruben Amaro Jr. has become in the world of Philadelphia sports. He was one of the guys that helped the Phillies get to the World Series and win then when he was THE GUY in charge he not only helped the team get back to the big dance but in the following months helped bring the most respected and dangerous pitchers in baseball to Philadelphia.

Everyone is still up in awe about the Cliff Lee trade and I understand but I think that Ruben stated his case very well this week. In a recent press conference he finally said it "We cannot be the New York Yankees," he went on further to say that if the team is to be good for the future and to stay in contention that it will all come from work inside the system and that if they fans want a quality product on the field that they need to understand that the team will never be in a position to get into a bidding war with the Yankees or any other of the top tear American League teams.

Howard in Clearwater

The Phils still have a few weeks until all pitches and catchers are to report to spring training but ina delightful surprise Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard is already in Clearwater and ready to go for the season. Howard reported this week with Phillies coach Sam Perlozzo working on mechanics and some defensive drills.

Sam reported that not only is Ryan in good spirits for the upcoming season but he has also trimmed down even beyond his slimmer and healthier frame he had last season.

Brown & Aumont among MLB.com finest.

Every year around this time MLB.com posts their top 50 prospects ready for the major leagues. It is usually a preview towards players that could be in the majors this year and also chronicles the top players and their future impacts to their clubs. Former top picks on this list have been Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels as well as Tampa Bay Rays phenom David Price.

Dominic Brown came in at 14 and was ranked as one of the most complete five tool athletes on the list. The 22 year old is presently in AA ball but could see time in the majors this season depending on the status of the Phillies bench or injuries.

Phillippe Aumont is one of the prospects that came to the Phillies in the Cliff Lee deal to Seattle. Aumont came in at 47 and is projected to either be a top of the rotation player (depending on when he makes the bigs) or even quicker as a relief pitcher. Aumont is still a raw talent but is making strides in AA.

Former Phillies prospect and present Blue Jays minor leaguer came in at 17. It still stings a bit to know hes no longer with the Phils but he should see some time with the Jays this season.

Also just in a bit of a throw back I found this on YouTube today:

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