Jan 13, 2010

Sixers v. Knicks Pre-Game

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With football season over and over two months until pitchers and catchers report to spring training Philadelphia fans need something in the world of sports to keep them occupied and in my opinion there is no better option then the Philadelphia 76ers.

The Sixers will attempt to do something tonight that they have not achieved this season and that is a winning streak. 37 games into the season the Sixers have yet to find their identity but with the increased presence of a ever evolving front court the Sixers have begun to play with a sense of stability not seen since last years playoff run.

Sixers examiner Andy Jasner reported earlier today about the increased presence of Samuel Dalembert but I believe that a lot has to be said on the play of Sixers sixth man Elton Brand. Since he began coming off the bench Brand has finished 17 of the 18 games with double figures and has become one of the most consistant scorers on the Sixers.

Tonight the team takes on the New York Knicks who have been a delightful surprise in the east. The Sixers have been lucky in their most recent wins against the free falling Pistons and the woeful Hornets but tonight will be a true test of the makeup of this team.

With all this talk of Dalembert and Brand this brings us to the key to the Sixers getting a win tonight. Knicks center David Lee has been one of the leagues hottest centers and has become a double-double machine. The way the Sixers dictate his play will go a long way to a victory.

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