Aug 11, 2010

Villanova's Corey Fisher reportedly scores 105 points in a game

In the game of basketball, the number 100 has become a milestone.

With the evolution of the game, we often see teams averaging over 100 points a game and the stigma with Wilt Chamberlain's 100-point effort for the Philadelphia Warriors is still the stuff of legends.

If all accounts are true, we may have reports that another Philly player has broken that mark. Villanova guard Corey Fisher has reportedly dropped 105 points in a NYC Summer League Game.

The Bronx native was participating in a Watson Basketball Classic Summer League game where his team allegedly finished with a whopping 138 points en route to a 138-130 win.

Because there was no box score present for the game, the exact total for Fisher is not yet known but from all counts he finished with 105 points.

Eyewitnesses say Fisher had 56 points at half and 72 at the three quarter mark. He went 23-28 from three.

Jeff Eisenberg of Yahoo! Sports had the initial report and spoke with a man named Kenneth Stevens, who was present at the game.

"It wasn't until the final few seconds of the game that he scored 100 points on a free throw. Then he had a steal, got fouled and hit a three-pointer to end the game with no time on the clock."

Fisher averaged 13.3 points a game last season on 44 percent from the field and 34 percent from beyond the arch. Fisher is expected to be the team leader for the Wildcats this season, after the departure of senior Scottie Reynolds.

Earlier this summer I did a profile on Fisher and his new role as Villanova's leader. If all of these reports are true, it seems as if the Wildcats are in good hands.


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