Aug 10, 2010

Herremans quick to apologize after Twitter mistake.

(Bethlehem, PA)- If seems as if a right of passage for professional athletes:
  1. get a twitter account,
  2. gather thousands of followers,
  3. makes an idiotic comment,
  4. make a public apology.
The most recent slip of the keys was by Eagles offensive lineman Todd Herremans. While resting his injured foot, and missing out of most of the Eagles training camp Herremans has apparently become a fan of HBO's hit series True Blood. Herremans seemed pleased with the series until this gaff came across his twitter account.

@toddherremans- "So.. caught up on Trueblood las nite.. Not a fan of how they get u hooked with the 1st 2 seasons then bring on a barrage of homosexuality"

After reports of the misstep were made public to the Eagles brass they were quick to reprimand Herremens and the tweet was quickly and quietly removed from his account. Herremens was quick to apologize and seemed mandated by the organization when he made this statement to his 1,807 followers.

@toddherremans: "After speaking with Eagles management, I realize that my tweet earlier was insensitive and tasteless, and for this, I deeply apologize."

This is not the first and will not be the last time an athlete will get in trouble for the statements or actions they take on the world of social media. lets just hope the Eagles brass make a no-twitter rule for their players and organization.

This is obviously not "gold standard" leadership.

On another note:

Eagles beat writer Jeff McLane reported that receivers Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson got into an altercation during today's morning practice apparently during a 7-on-7 drill.

"It's training camp. There's no bad vibe between us two" stated Maclin.

McLane went on to report that both players resumed the verbal tiff as they left the field and both sped off in their respective vehicles after leaving the locker room.

Maclin and Jackson were quick to squash rumors telling reporters. "it was over and done with..., 'We're still cool.'"

The Eagles will begin their preseason schedule as they host the Jacksonville Jaguars on Friday night at 7:30 p.m.

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