May 22, 2010

2010 NBA Mock Draft Version 1.0 (3-of-3)

This is part three of my three part NBA Mock Draft. 

First before I begin giving you my first draft of the 2010 NBA Mock Draft season I want to preface this by saying I made the picks I did with the assumption that a few free agents are leaving their respected team and certain I feel are remaining. I think that D-Wade is staying in Miami, LeBron is leaving, Chris Bosh will no longer be a Raptor and Joe Johnson is exiting the way of Mike Woodson. I preface this by saying that if you don't agree I am sorry but I guess we won't know the true validity of the free agent market till July, 9th.

I made my picks based on need, availability and a large amount of common sense. Despite the rumors and theories John Wall is going to be the second pick and if the Sixers don't take Evan Turner with the second pick I might jump off a bridge... That being said I present you part 3-of-3 of the Mock Draft 1.0.

21. Oklahoma City Thunder: Larry Sanders (PF/C) VCU
This kid is the biggest anomaly of the draft. He is so unique because of his skills set he could go anywhere between a top 10 pick to the second round. Truth is he has so much upside but just as much unknown. I think he would be a great fit for the Thunder as it would be a step up to Nenad Kristic at center but also could help them pound with the bigs when Serge Ibaka becomes the full time starter in OKC.

22. Portland Trailblazers: Solomon Alabi (C) Florida St.
I always feel bad for the Blazers. They will always have to deal with the Sam Bowie / MJ comparisons and now as Kevin Durant ascends to the pantheon they will now always be the Greg Oden people. Facts are Oden is one more disappointment from being a complete bust and the only other option this team has was Joel Przybilla and with him entering his 10 season the Blazers need to start thinking about getting someone young.

23. Minnesota Timberwolves: Stanley Robinson (PF) UConn
This is third pick for the T-Wolves and with the first two I gave them SF help so I think that with this draft being so deep as the forward position why not another. Basically if Robinson is here they will take him because I think he is the best talent as trade bait. If hes the pick hell never wear the uniform. This kid was a under shadowed talent at UConn but I commend him for graduating and I think that he will become a useful role player for a team. Think Juwan Howard.

24. Atlanta Hawks: Eric Bledsoe (SG) Kentucky
If Joe Johnson leaves this team will be in desperate need of guard help. Bledsoe was over shadowed by John Wall but I think given the chance he could be a great combo guard, specifically for the Hawks. The Hawks have max money and if they decide the can keep Joe Johnson then Bledsoe could be groomed into the PG of the future for when Mike Bibby retires.

25. Memphis Grizzlies: Elliott Williams (SG) Memphis
I know what your saying, The one thing Memphis has is guards, and you right. Just like with the T-Wolves, I dont expect them to keep all three picks. If this pick is not traded then the player chosen will be. But he was my highest player left on my list and I don't see him fitting with any other team with the last five picks.

                                          26. Oklahoma City Thunder: Willie Warren (PG/SG) Oklahoma
Great in state talent as well as a good kid overall. Who knows how long they will be able to keep Russell Westbrook in town and Warren could learn a lot in this system. We saw how successful James Harden was this year and I think the same thing could happen for Willie. The Thunder are excelling with picking up unknown talents and I think this may be another case.
27. New Jersey Nets: Paul George (SF) Fresno St.
This kid has great range and has been praised as amazing coach-able, which is a huge selling point for the Nets. Hes quick off the dribble and in workouts this week was described as NBA range when it came to his shooting. The Nets will take a big man at the third spot and try to deepen themselves with this pick.

28. Memphis Grizzlie: Dominique Jones (PG) South Florida 
This kid is a great leader and has smart court sense. The Grizzlies are deep at SG but with a young PG and the right coaching it could completely change their offensive strategy (which is deeply needed). He is a bit of a project but has the potential to be a leader.

29. Orlando Magic: Quiny Pondexter (SF) Washington
Not that the Magic need help as the SF position with Pietrus and Barnes Pondexter can also play SG when needed. He is a hard worker and I think Stan would really like this kid. He wont have pressure to start and could learn much from a good group of veterans.

30. Washington Wizards: Kevin Seraphin (C) France
The Wizards need help EVERYWHERE and I think that Seraphin would be a good pick for this team. He is registered as a C but I think that in the pro game he will fit more in with a team as a PF. Either way this kid has size and quickness. I don't know if he will come over right away but with the last pick in the first round its not a huge loss. The Wizards will need a few years to turn it around in the first place.

So there it is ladies and gents... my 2010 NBA Mock Draft. I expect it to go through some changes before the 24th but I think it a solid selection of the talent that's available.

Love it or hate it, I would love to hear your comments.


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