May 21, 2010

2010 NBA Mock Draft Version 1.0 (2-of-3)

This is part two of my three part NBA Mock Draft. 

(First before I begin giving you my first draft of the 2010 NBA Mock Draft season I want to preface this by saying I made the picks I did with the assumption that a few free agents are leaving their respected team and certain I feel are remaining. I think that D-Wade is staying in Miami, LeBron is leaving, Chris Bosh will no longer be a Raptor and Joe Johnson is exiting the way of Mike Woodson. I preface this by saying that if you don't agree I am sorry but I guess we won't know the true validity of the free agent market till July, 9th. I made my picks based on need, availability and a large amount of common sense. That being said I present you part 2-of-3 of the Mock Draft 1.0.)

Just as last year was the year of the guard this year is a chance for many clubs to replenish their rosters will high quality SF and PF and a fair mix of hybrid guys that can score as a PF but the size of a center...

11. New Orleans Hornets: Donatas Motiejunas (PF/C) Lithuania
It didn't take long  but with the 11th pick I expect the Hornets to take the best international available in this years draft. He is a Andrea Bargnani type talent but has been criticized as a little un-focused, I notch that up to being the best player in a league and not caring. Either way I think he could immediately help a Hornets teams that is in a bit of disarray.

12. Memphis Grizzlies: Patrick Patterson (PF) Kentucky
 The Grizzlies have three first round picks so if they don't make a move to get higher I think Patterson is a good fit for Memphis. He is one of the more experienced PF in this draft and would fit well in Lionel Hollins system, plus Patterson is versatile enough to fit on the court with either Rudy Gay or Zach Randolph.

13. Toronto Raptors: Daniel Orton (PF/C) Kentucky
Another Wildcat comes off the board with this pick and I think Orton is a security pick for Toronto is Chis Bosh leaves. Hopefully is Bosh decides to exit he will make it better for Toronto in a sign and trade but if he gets out of dodge and leaves the Raptors high and dry Orton might help patch a small part of the wound.

14. Houston Rockets: Hassan Whiteside (PF/C) Marshall
Another security pick here for the Rockets. No one is really sure what Yao Ming will play like when he comes back and with Houston brass assuring fans that Luis Scola will return next year Whiteside would be a smart choice. The Rockets have max money this summer but they only have two names on their radar (Amare or Bosh). Chances are they wont get either so like many teams security in the draft is the most reassuring thing.

15. Milwaukee Bucks: Avery Bradley (SG) Texas
The Bucks got a lot of miles out of John Salmons and benefited from his production as the biggest upstart in the Eastern Conference. With Michael Redd coming off a season of injuries the multi-talented Bradley is a good pick from a team looking to get younger and quicker. A young backcourt of Jennings and Bradley could solidify a team that needs to start looking towards their promising future.

16. Minnesota Timberwolves: Gordon Hayward (SF) Butler
Minnesota has three of the first twenty-three picks in the draft so if anyone is making a move its them. Hayward made a name for himself in Butlers improbable run towards the national title. He averaged 15 points and 8 boards in the tournament and is a solid three point threat. He won't be a starter right away but think of him as a younger Jason Kapono just a little smaller. Definitely a point of improvement for the T-Wolves.

17. Chicago Bulls: Damion James (SF) Texas
I think that James is a smart move here as a security if the LeBron rumors done come true. The team still has faith in Luol Deng but you could see in the playoffs that after a few games of overplaying he became gassed quickly. James can step in and play immediately and will work well with Taj Gibson when he slides to the 2.

(Its sad that its going to take this long for a senior to come off the board but with everyone worried about next years CBA this draft is flooded with underclassmen.)

18. Miami Heat: James Anderson (SG) Oklahoma St.
This was a toughest pick because this was the 4th or 5th place I think Anderson could go. Hes talented (22.3 ppg) and could play SF is needed. He is also the best player as a D-Wade insurance policy (besides Evan Turner). If the rumors are true and Pat Riley is returning to the sidelines then Anderson could be groomed into an elite player and one of this drafts biggest steal. He has the Andre Iguodala potential but with less pressure.

19. Boston Celtics: Xavier Henry (SG) Kansas
With the unknown future of Ray Allen in Boston and the fact that Michael Finley is not a long term solution Henry could be the player with the best chance to success immediately. Last season he hit 41% from beyond the arch and could be a big part of the long term Celtics success. He will have his growing pains because much of his negative attention is about his attitude. The Celtics have had this issue before and look where that got them... Rajon Rondo.

20. San Antonio Spurs: Luke Babbitt (SF) Nevada
Just as they did with George Hill and his growth as the PG of the future and the steal of the draft in DeJuan Blair as the PF of the future, Babbitt could be the SF of the future for the Spurs. Who knows how long Richard Jefferson will stay in town and its a good idea to get a young talent in the mix before Jefferson's skills diminish.

Well that's part two of Mock Draft 1.0... I appreciate the comments so drop me
a line...


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