Dec 17, 2009

The Eagles win.... again.

It seems like the Eagles whipping on a divisional rival has become a right of the season. Its like clockwork. The team loses a game they shouldn't have, everyone calls for Andy Reid to be fired, either him or Donovan gets more money for something they don't deserve... The team starts winning and everyone on Broad Street go all nuts like the Messiah is about to show up. ATTENTION EAGLES FANS.

Last nights game was a prime example. The Eagles scored a lot of points on the Giants. They had a lot of points scored against them and there were flashes of awesome. One thing that fans need to look forward to in the next few years is the development (or further development) of DeSean Jackson. This kid has IT. That punt return was stellar and he is honestly the fastest person on the field AT ALL TIMES.

Now to the bad news.... THE OFFENSIVE LINE SUCKS. The front seven is slow, out of shape, and couldn't stop Temple football. The Defense looked good but if Trotter does that Axe thing again i'm gonna lose it. Yes you had nine tackles, that's awesome, but your really old and have lost a little more then a step.

Donovan had a good game. He had a few passes that were off but even Peyton Manning isn't perfect. He was consistent and made a huge difference in the game.

On the other side of the ball Eli Manning went nuts. Listen I don't like the Giants but Eli went on a tangent with some HUGE passes and deep plays. The only bad side was that I benched him in fantasy football for Aaron Rodgers (dumb move). But other then that it was an overall good game.

Now back to the issue of the Eagles season.

This is a pattern of bad behavior. These things happen every year with the same outcome. NOTHING. The Eagles are going to make the playoffs, beat up the Cowboys in the last weeks of the season and after a few good playoffs games bow out and make the biggest of big men in Philly cry because they "almost had it".

The worst part of this years situation is that instead of coming into a year where Andy Reid would have had one year on his contract left you are all stuck with him until 2013. Get ready fans cause its going to be a long long cold winter on Broad Street.

The Eagles are stuck in mediocrity with no signs of improvement. Until a change is made within the Eagles organization they will be the same team they are every year.

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