Oct 21, 2009

What is going on in sports. My 3 strike policy

      Ok I know I have not posted in a while but after the events of last night and in the past week its really time for this nonsense to end. It is a human fact that everyone makes mistakes but sometimes in life there is a point where you have to say enough is enough. If you don't know what I am talking about already I am speaking of the recent debacle that is the mlb playoffs. If I didn't know any better I would swear that baseball was the professional league working with replacement officials. I know there are many rumors about a conspiracy within baseball to help the Yankees succeed and I am not going to touch on this but there has been a lot of foul play going on in baseball. I think that baseball needs to seriously consider taking a look at the way they officiate games and how its is SEVERELY affecting the outcome of games.

      Personally I think that I have come up with a policy that may help baseball with this situation and it is one that the league and the game has had for years and it is the three strike and your out policy. Its easy, take the referee crew and give them three strikes, if as a crew they have three blatant blown calls they should be put on probation. Take their entire work in the playoffs and judge them.

      We all know in baseball that as much as we try this is the Yankees league. They are the most historic franchise in baseball and sometimes they get calls their way. They even said the other day about how because of his placement in baseball and how much he is respected in baseball that Andy Petitte gets away with a blatant balk style pick off move that would ring up any young pitcher in baseball, but because he happens to play for the Yankees that he gets a slide. This and a various amount of other reasons I wish to suggest to Bud Selig and the higher ups in professional baseball to make a change in wither the workings of the way they review calls and also the officiating crews they use in the playoffs. So just like an proposition I now submit into evidence for the proof of the people my case.

Item 1.A - also known as Strike 1 - Phil Cuzzi stares at fair ball.
Date: Oct. 9, 2009 (Game 2: ALDS)

      As you can see from the above video. A left field umpire who has perfect placement to make a clear foul or fair decision on a ball hit by Twins catcher Joe Mauer, blatantly misses a call that directly affected the outcome of the came and essentially the entire 2009 ALDS between the New York Yankees and the Minnesota Twins. This video shows inconsequential evidence of a blown call by the officiating crew and could be fixed by the implication of reviewed calls by MLB and their umpiring crews.


Item 1.B - also known as Strike 2 - Swisher picked off

      Scott Kazmir, who even though he pitched a horrible game against the Yankees last night had an amazing pick off play early in the game as he sued a slide step to pick off Yankee Nick Swisher. As you can see in the accompanied photo Swishers hand is blocked from tagging the bag due to the strong coverage by Eric Aybar. On this specific play umpire Dale Scott clearly had a strong placement on the call and once again missed a clear out call and gave a blatant to the Yankees.


Item 1.C - also known as Strike 3 - Double occupancy of third Base

      In the fifth inning Yankees catcher Jorge Posada was at third base after a fly ball to the outfield. Posada stationed himself between third and home and because of the threat of the throw from the outfield decided to return to third base. This caused a complication because Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano decided to advance on the play and was already stationed on third base. At this time Angels catcher Mike Napoli noticed this mistake and proceeded to tag both men out who were stationed at third creating a double play.... Right? Wrong. As you can see in the attached evidence Napoli clearly tage both men who are not occupying the bag. Yet the third base umpire claimed that only Posada was out because Cano had clearly tagged that bag.... Ladies and gentlemen I submit this piece of photographic evidence to prove my point.

      Both men (neither of whom are occupying the bag) are clearly tagged out by Napoli causing the Yankees another opportunity to get away with an inexplicably bad call.

      So in this instance I submit this as the third strike and there fore a clear and present case of one sided officiating in the favor of the New York Yankees and a blatant case of one sided case of favoritism by the MLB officials.

      Those are my three strikes and Im sticking to them.

STRIKE 3 YOUR OUT..............................................


      If these three instances do not convince you. Here are two other small instances that may sway you either way.

Item 2.A - The spitball theory.

      Yankees closer Mariano Rivera clearly spits on the baseball after looking to either of his sides to see if the umpires are watching him. It is a clear case of doctoring the ball and therefore cheating

Item 2.B - The Phantom Tag. (conclusion of item 1.B)

      Nick Swisher, the defendant in item 1.B proceeded to advance to third base after a walk to Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter. After this there was a sacrifice fly to the outfield. And like it normal protocol Swisher is required to tag on third base before he proceeds to score. In this case after Swisher tags and proceeds home the third base umpire reversed his decision and makes the correct call. (this piece of evidence of the possibility of correct officiating by umpire Tim McClellon).

So in conclusion it is proven in this defensive proposition that correct officiating can be made. (Even though it proceeded another terrible call), it is seen that the umpiring crew assigned to the 2009 ALCS cannot adequately preform their job up to the standard required by MLB. These offenses are all allowed because of the teams in question and the fact that 4 out of the 5 items of evidence are committed during a blowout by the New York Yankees (which was assisted by the terrible play calling).

      So at this time I check these items into evidence and leave it up to the higher courts to decide. And if not leave it up to sports talk radio.


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