Oct 11, 2009

Weekend Sports

It was a very eventful weekend in sports. We had Flyers, Sixers, Eagles and in about two hours we have some Phillies. It weird having all four sports intersect it keeps you really busy. You would think that these four tidbits of sport would be what was sticking in my mind but it was actually a college football game between Samford and Tenn Chattanooga.

Not many people saw this game but amazingly enough this weekend I got paid to watch the Bulldogs play the Mocs. Before I get to the game maybe I should give some background. I have never really explained myself or what I do so maybe this will help. I recently graduated college in may and after a long summer of busting my ass interning for the Philadelphia 76ers I spent that last few months unemployed until I recently procured a job as a sports stastician for an independent wire service. So as the new guy I get paid to watch the games that noone wants to bet on an update the scores.

 Don't get my wrong its the best job I have ever had and it makes me feel that I am finally working in the world of sports, Not that I didnt love broadcasting for millersville for the last four years or working in the athletic department but there is just something about working in a professional atmosphere that really makes me think that all of these dreams that I have seem possiable. But anyway before I start let me explain why I was picked to work this stunning exhibition of athletic prowess...... well pretty much because im the new guy.

I compare my job a lot to that of boiler room, the 2000 era wallstreet esque flick. If you know this movie I am essentially the trainee making $150 a week. I am learning the ropes and doing the games that no one else wants to do. but you know what it beats the hell out of waiting tables so at this time ill take it.

For those of you that don't know about boiler room the moves works like this. A kid named seth wants to get into a world of money. He isnt sure of where or how but wants in. He doesn't want the cushy job he wants his start. (the sad reality is he chooses a company that sells fake stock for a fake and helps steal millions of dollars) but other then that its really a perseverance tale.

So back to the game. Why did I choose this game out of the 4 or so that I was assigned, well it was not the game (btw Samford lost to Tenn Chattanooga 14-7). The reason I think about this was because of Samford's coach. For a lot of you out there that don't follow SOCON football ill tell you who it is. It is no other then 1971 Heisman Trophy winner and former Auburn quarterback Pat Sullivan. Now Sullivan had a moderately successful career in the NFL with short stints with Atlanta and Washington but what I really appreciated was how he looks as like with a very optimistic approach that many would see as a failure.

Many people in the world of sports would think of this as a failure, they would say "why is a former Heisman trophy winner coaching low level DI football" and the answer is for the love of the game. See I look at this and feel a mild connection with Sullivan. I know that I am no where near a Heisman trophy winner seeing as I am neither a player nor an athlete but I did work in college sports for the last four years and do feel that I have made a very strong start towards what I want in life.

So as I watch this game I try to think about Sullivan and what he imagined his life being like after Auburn: NFL stardom, a plaque in Canton and maybe even a cushy job at ESPN, but sometimes in life that doesn't happen. When i saw this i thought... "well here is a guy that gets it". Its not about the cushy job or the primetime paycheck its about working in an industry you love and knowing that everyday you wake up and do what you love.

A wise man once told me that the day you begin working in a career you love you never have to go to work ever again. And this stuck with me. This is a man that loves the game of football and enjoys being a part of it.

I guess I think about this because as a post graduate I knew that I would be starting out in a non ideal job. But I have recently began to appreciate the smaller things in life, like Samford football. Like Seth in boiler room (before the whole illegal activity) I am just happy that I finally have a chance to get in, to be a part of something. Anyway above anything that is what stuck out most to me about the weekend of sports. And not that you or anyone would ever read this. Coach Sullivan I say "thank you" for showing me what the world of sports is really like, so best of luck to you and your Bulldogs next week against Furman your 3-3 and could be a shocker in the SOCOM . Maybe ill be watching.

Until next time.


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