Oct 12, 2009

Phils take the lead and look to close it out...

GAME 3 NLCS: Phillies 6 Rockies 5

We all know its truely playoffs when everyone breaks out the new era ear muff cap and huddles around the heater. Just like most phillies fans I was half asleep during last nights game but luckilly enough the phillies found something more beneficial then hand warmers in their 6-5 victory last night at Coors Field and its called small ball. Thats right the team that lead the league in road home runs and ranked second in the league in dingers managed to manufacture runs and play like a well oiled machine. Once again that pitching was a odd mixture of potential starters and an oddly productive Brad Lidge. But hey who am I to be greedy, they won and now its time for the Fightins to close it out.

The funniest thing that i remember from last nights game was a :30 quip about the heaters in the dugout and how Vinny Castilla, the former Rockies slugger and present special assistant to the gm (bs position they gave him so he would retire) galavanting around the dugout chasing after an intern with a gas heater. I mean I would expect this from maybe a player of the Marlins or Rays but not from a guy that spend a good part of his career in the mile high area.

Tonight Charlie will send out the Phillies true ace Cliff Lee to try and finish of this series and get ready for another meeting with the Dodgers. Lee was on point in his last outing going a complete game allowing 1 run on 3 hits. Its this type of pitching that the Phillies have been in desperate need of in the ladder end of this season.

Gametime is set for 8:08 pm with  expected filed temperature of 41 degrees. So looks like were going to be muffin it up this evening. (sorry it sounded funny)

On another point, I watched the end of the Red Sox game yesterday and came to a realization that I guess I had forgotten to comprehend. Once a team looses a series now thats it. Its all over. I assume that because of the World Series celebration last year I ignored the inevitable nature of this fact. We are coming to that sad part of the year that baseball will be over and we still have 4 months till we hear pitchers and catchers report to spring training.

Last night one of the most memorable stadiums in baseball closed it doors, so here is my little homage to the Metrodome. Yes you were a shit hole of 80's construction. The memorable multi purpose stadium such as Three Rivers or Veterans stadium. You were old, weird and had the weirdest and the most painful right field fence of all time. I mean come on people it looked like plastic rap over a wooden scaffolding. But you gave baseball some memorable calls and even better players. So for this Thank you for "Well see you tomorrow night" and for the name Kirby Puckett, you were exactly what your city and their people stood for. Weird and abnormal but quirky all together. Best of luck in Target Stadium next year (wow we have really sold our souls now). Heres to 2009......

Anyway best of luck to the Phils tonight ill write tomorrow.


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