Apr 22, 2010

NBA Look-A-Like's

Hollywood is an influence on almost everything in our lives, including sports. With the mixing of talent between the silver screen and the professional athlete we sometimes see an intermingling of talent (Shaq Fu, Kazaam, even J.J. Reddick's rap career).

When the worlds intertwined so much its easy to notice how some of the top characters from both seem eerily similar by personality, mannerisms and even in this case looks.

So I came up with this concept about two or three months ago. I had noticed in casual conversation with friends that, at times, I tend to make jokes about how certain NBA players tend to look like certain high profile celebrities such as actors.actresses, musicians or cartoon characters. Just like my NBA Ultimate Arcade article I feel that this is something that all of you out there would enjoy.

Case Study 1: Roger Mason Jr. & Lauren Hill

Despite the fact that this guy in one of the purest three point shooters in the NBA I could not help to notice that he has a ceratin feminine look about him. When Mason came out of Virginia many people thought that he would be an impact right away, just as the Fugees did in 1997 both died out in about two years.

Just like the Fugees within a few years in the business many people were constantly asking "what happened to him/them".  Both made similar comebacks in the late 2000's and yet presently (as in this playoffs) many people are still out there asking "What happened to him". I think the pitcures speak for themselves but ill leave that one up for debate.

Unlike Lauren Hill Mason is not a leader, never will be and no group will survive on his play. Funny thing is when you look at the rest of the Fugees (Praz/Wyclef) they too have body doubles on the Spurs. Give Tim Duncan come dreads and an accent and tell me hes not Wycelf, and as for Pras I think the best comparison is that of former Spur and current Bobcat Stephen Jackson. Both are mildly forgettable and did their best work away from the combo and Jackson/Pras has a history of hostility against the establishment.

Case Study 2: Nathan Jawai and Precious

I came up with this one after the grammys when I saw all the hype with Precious and how Monique stole the show for the movie in so many ways. The actress that played Precious, named Gabourey Sidibe was a relative unknown before this movie and then it struck me not only are the looks similar both most likley their careers. 

Jawai in a native Australlian who came up in the NBDL  and was given the nicknames "Australian Shaq' when he was drafted out of the Aussie league and most recently has made a small, yet ineffective career as a low bench reserve, I imagine that is what it is like having to play the incestious daughter of Monique in an Oprah film. 

Jawai is not a reserve in the D-League once again but if you look at hes career you'll thruly understand the similarities.  Jawai came into the league with the Raptors having to play a distant third string to Chris Bosh (Oprah) then was traded to a lesser stock of a team in Minnesota and once again played a reserve role this time behind a terrible inside force in former top draft pick Darko Milicic. Milicic is simialr to Monique as in they both began with acclaimed hype but have had to reinvent themselves to stay afloat. The only difference is Monique actually won something. And well... Monique has talent.

In the case of the NBA though I think id rather have Precious on this one. At least she has the size to box out on an opposing defender. I think she deserves the Shaq comparisons not Jawai.

Case Study 3: The Curious Case Of Brittney Griner

Griner first caught my attention after her legendary right hook to Texas Tech forward Jordan Barncaster and I have been a mild fan ever since. Its easy to pay attention to a female player that dunks like the boys and throws a right hook like an MMA fighter. Griner is a freak talent that, when entering the WNBA, will dominate and easily take over the role as the most dominant female player. 

After watching her in the NCAA tourney I began to start my comparissons and I have narrowed them down to two. One fictional player and the other a movie side character.

Option 1: Chris Bosh

I guess its the size and the dreds that gave me this one but if you stack them up side by side you could easily make a claim for brother and sister. 

Both are dominate inside presences and just like being in the WNBA, noone pays attention to basketball in Canada so both are just names in small markets.

Option 2: Velociraptor from Jurassic Park

First off look at the hair, easy give away. Second off check out this video and tell me it dosent remind you of the Griner sucker punch and how after the initial attack noone tried to face off against Griner again. The Raptor ate these people alive and just like the NCAA tourney when it comes to being aggressive noone touches Griner in the low post.

I think both of these work and here is why. With the summer or LeBron coming I think we all know Bosh is no longer going to be in Toronto. They dont have max money and he dosent want to be there. Here is my sollution. If you agree on any of the Griner/Bosh comparisson I have a way to make everyone happy and make histry at the same time.

When Bosh leaves the Raptors can make history by drafting Griner as the first women in the NBA. Canadians think all Americans look alike so don't tell them and I think it would go off well. Not to mention Griner's similarities to the logo of her new team I give you Toronto's new marketing campaign.  

Its a win-win for Griner and a win-win for Walmart because those Jurassic Park $5 bin DVD will go flying off the shelves north of the border.

Not saying any of this will work but in the world of the NBA and the fact that there is no Sixers news for the next few months I had to do something to keep my mind occupied.

Love it or hate it, its all about the comedy. (I still thank Gabby would be a better post player then Jawai), just a thought.


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