Jul 6, 2009

Old blog post from old site.

Before I get this things started I wanted to add an old post i had from a short lived blog i tried a few years ago.

This was my October 2007......

Just like every other sports fan i love baseball in october. The only problem is I am also a phillies fan. The fondest memory i have about post season play is when i saw Joe Carter cause my father to cry as he took a mitch williams fastball to the stratasphere of toronto. I always watch the post season will vigor and interest but never fully engulfed in the games. If you would have told me that a month ago the philadelphia phillies and there 28 man graveyard that is a rotation would be seeing october i would have laughed in your face. When they not only came back in the wildcard but ended the season with the NL east title I was estatic. Coming into a situation where I can see not only post season play but home field advantage in philly drew me into baseball like never before. Then I realized that no matter what month of the year these still are the philadelphia phillies.

My shining hope was Cole Hamels. To see him get rocked early and have to see my clusterfuck of a bullpen try to get them out of the game I cringed. I knew we didnt have a chance. This isnt a curse of the billy goat or the bambino this is shitty pitching.

WTF- Halfway through his game I turned off the tv. seeing Chase Utley strike out 4-4 made me want to strangle myself. This is when i had the break down. I saw them loose and fall into the slump they should have had last week. It made me think was i really wasting my time. I sat in my apartment and watched the rest of the playofffs. Last night I come back form work and see my roommate gleam in happinedd as marry ramirez rock a ball into downtown boston. Yeah boston fans have suffered but guess what THEY WON A WORLD SERIES. And not to be mean but atleast they occasionally make the playoffs. WE HAVE 10,000, do u know how embarassing that is.

This was it. No real ace, just old as shit Jamie Moyer with his 72 mph. fastball. It was fesiable but not likley. I sit here watching my season end and think..... was i dreaming or did we fuck up again. Seriously go home get ur shit together and come back next year. Get rid of pat burrell and save some money (god knows we dont have it to give out). FIND some pitching and resing your stars. I am tired off seeing them fall one game behind then. Im sorry seeing shane victorino strike out and kill my season is to much for this computer so i gotta go. Im heading to pat gilicks to relieve some stress...

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